Your Nervous System – Foundation of Healing

It is your nervous system, your body’s electrical pathways, that coordinates the consciousness and function of all your systems including, your organs, endocrine glands, lymphatic (immune function), musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, integumentary (hair & skin), urinary, reproductive and respiratory systems.

Research scientists have discovered nerve cells, located within every organ and system of your body, coordinating communications between each of your cells. In fact it’s been discovered that cells from each of your body systems are to be found eavesdropping within every other system of your body. It is through this cellular communication network, operating like a mini-nervous system, that neuropeptides (chemical messengers) transmit their information to all your body’s organs and systems.

Tom Bowen broke the code for communicating with the body’s nervous system to affect change at the cellular level. The gentle, strumming movements applied at precise gateway points on your body during a Bowen treatment, initiate vibrational, or rhythmic waves of sound, like ultra sound, to unlock resistant patterns within your cells. Sound currents are known to have the distinct abilility to penetrate through anything, nothing can block them. This penetrating action of Bowen moves has been shown to have a regenerating effect on all cell tissues.

These sound waves travel through your nervous system to communicate through all your nerve cells (found within every organ and system) with your brain (found within every organ and system) to reset and balance both the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of your autonomic nervous system (the automatic, non conscious part of your nervous system), as well as your central nervous system.

These waves of sound resonate throughout your body like ultra sound, moving through all the tissues of your body to affect change at the cellular level.

Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone from the ground breaking notion that sound waves can be changed into electrical current and sent over a wire. This is the basic premise for how the Bowen tecnique works.

When the wires of your nervous system are jammed, transmission of nerve signals is blocked or impaired. The gentle, strumming movements initiated during a Bowen treatment send a vibrational signal along your nerve pathway that resonates as sound throughout your body to bring harmony and balance.

The Bowen movements register in your body like a musical “humming” note. Your cell tissue responds to this signal for harmonic resonance as it is able. This sound wave effectively moves “stuck” fascial networks throughout your body. As your body heals at the cellular level it begins to holds its balance and resonance for longer periods of time.