Your “False” Emotional Nature

By KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP

How do you think and feel about yourself and others? For most of us emotional experiences are based on “false” perceptions. In other words you have a mental model or map for how to feel about others and your predisposed mental and emotional habits are locked away, stored in an invisible compartment somewhere inside of you that you long ago lost the key to unlock.

Every image or thought you have is anchored by an emotional feeling state. Certain feeling states will automatically trigger certain images and vice versa. Your thoughts and emotions are wired together. Thoughts and emotions that are wired together, fire together!

Have you ever had a recurring dream of losing your house keys, or you’re driving your (or someone else’s) car to close to the edge, or perhaps your brakes aren’t working, or maybe in your dream you’re standing at the edge of a cliff.

These types of dreams are all signals from your subconscious mind about your inner state of “stuckness” coming unglued. These dreams about your inner “stuckness” usually surface when you’re in a crisis, or crying out desperately to get out of, or away from a situation, or person in your life that’s “making” you feel miserable.

In actuality the person or situation is a mirror for you to see something about yourself in need of acceptance, love and reassurance which will help to bring you more into balance and wholeness with the True Nature of Your Emotions.

Having this type of dream is a good sign
you are being SET-UP to have a major breakthrough, an AH-HA experience at the cellular level of your being. PAY ATTENTION, LISTEN AND OBSERVE WITHOUT JUDGMENT!

You are receiving a blessed opportunity. Your momentum for an automatic habit of mind and emotion that you’ve been repeating, over and over, is being disrupted. Now your distorted perceptions that come with your repetitive thoughts and emotions can potentially make a radical shift.

The spell of your repetitive emotions like a sticky net that’s been cast over you, dooming you to repeat the exact same experiences over and over, now has a tiny tear in it. Something is occurring that doesn’t fit your belief system. This is problematic for you and “make” you feel very uncomfortable. You feel the imperative need to get away, and fast! The trigger is blowing your illusion of control about how things work in the universe.

A few recurring themes and the “false” emotional nature of each are: Abandonment (ANXIETY & PANIC), Deprivation (DEPRESSION/GRIEF), Slave (ANGER/RESENTMENT), Mistrust (RAGE), Unlovable (IMPATIENT/CARELESS), Social Misfit (RAGE/DEPRESSION). There are an infinite array of Shadow Voices that may develop, each with its own signature “false” emotional nature.

In my concluding article in this series about “Transforming Your Shadow,” I’ll go into more depth about how each of these “false” emotional natures may develop. By recognizing yourself and learning to observe your reactive patterning to “emotional” triggers you are empowered to make necessary changes and create the life “you say you want,” not the one you don’t want.