Visualization: The Story of Snow White – The Problem & the Solution

The Story of Snow White

By KG Stiles

Visualization is a creative image or movie (moving image) you shape in your mind. You make a movie of a person, place or an event you play again and again. This makes an impression on the neural pathways of your brain that become stronger with repetition, playing the same movie again and again. You literally create what you repeatedly think about in your imagination.

Your subconscious mind sees things in black and white.
In other words whatever you say to yourself will be taken at face value by your subconscious mind. It doesn’t know when you are kidding around, or if what you’re interpreting as the truth about your reality is in fact the truth.

Many of the things you tell yourself actually have no foundation in truth and instead may sabotage your best efforts. Thinking the same thoughts about yourself creates images in your mind that continually reinforce your thoughts until they become beliefs and habits.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION operates to magnetize life situations that will further reinforce these faulty beliefs and habits of mind like a self fulfilling prophecy.

When you change the way you perceive and interpret what’s happening in your life situation you’ll start asking different questions and start getting entirely different results.

You can and must get control of what vibrational frequencies, in the form of thoughts and emotions, that you’re transmitting to the world in order to start attracting what you want for yourself consistently.


Myths and fairy tale are handed down to us because they represent a Truth operating in our subconscious mind. The Snow White “archetypal” idea also appears in the Cinderella story. It is the idea of the “jealous and cruel stepmother.” This archetypal theme of the jealous and cruel step-mother represents a negative thought form that is active in our subconscious mind. Remember Snow White’s step-mother is jealous of her, and is intent upon keeping Snow White poor and in rags, and a slave or servant to her every demand. All negative thought forms do this!

We are victims of our own negative thought forms.
The cruel stepmother is a tyrant and rules Snow White with an iron grip. Out of fear that her power in the unconscious will be usurped the Queen compulsively consults her magic mirror daily for reassurance that she is in control with her beauty and power being absolute.

One day the Queen’s mirror
(the mirror symbolizes our power to observe and see the Truth) announces that Snow White (who represents trust and innocence, and the willingness to serve Life with a pure heart) is the most beautiful and fair in the kingdom of the unconscious. Outraged the Queen commands that Snow White be killed.

When Snow White is taken to the Woods (deep into the subconscious) to be killed by one of the Queen’s servants, she begs for her life and is released. Surely Snow White, left alone in the subconscious, will die there.

Many wonderful creatures of the forest in the form of birds, rabbits, squirrels, deer, and so on, come to rescue Snow White. These wonderful creatures of the forest represent Snow White’s friendly intuitive leads and hunches. In other words help in some form is always available to lead us out of any dark night of the soul. Snow White is then taken to the home of the Seven Dwarves. The seven dwarves symbolize the protective forces that always surround us.

When the Queen discovers by way of her magic mirror that Snow White still lives she goes off to the woods, disguised as an old hag, to the house of the Seven Dwarves. The Queen is determined to kill Snow White. Of course Snow White’s intuition, in the form of her animal friends, tries to warn her of the Queen’s true intentions, but Snow White is unable to resist the force of negative thought forms in the guise of the old hag.

Snow White’s animal friends bring the Seven Dwarves to help Snow White, but too late, as Snow White lies lifeless, on the floor, in their home.

As the Seven Dwarves grieve their loss (the death and dissolution of the old, negative thought form) the Prince suddenly arrives on the scene to awaken Snow White to her Divine Purpose which is to bring consciousness (light) into the subconscious, the dark is absorbed into the light. When Snow White wakes up, and is wed to the Divine idea for her life, all is made new, and she lives happily ever after.

We must all discover the archetypal story, or theme that is running our lives from the subconscious (our soul). Our soul is the holy vessel of Spirit, or the Divine idea. The subconscious, or Soul, has been given the power to manifest any idea with which it is conditioned, Divine or otherwise.

The power of choice is yours!
The jealous and cruel stepmother is a negative belief operating in your affairs like a self fulfilling prophecy. If you are to be happy you must wake up from the tyranny of negative habits of mind that controls your perceptions about life. Such false stories as, “I’ll never be good enough,” or, “no one loves me,” or, “I’m all alone in the world,” or “No one cares about me.” All negative thought forms are lies, that operate in the subconscious mind and control your outcomes, robbing you of your good.

Ultimately believing in negative or positive thoughts represents a belief in two powers, good versus evil. With the advent of quantum physics we now know that good and bad are false notions. There is only one life force energy working through the fabric of time and space, and it operates for the greater good of all in all ways, and always. How could it in Truth be otherwise?

The new paradigm, ALL IS ONE, has been born and is now actively available to everyone. You have free will and must activate this Truth in your subconscious mind, and wake up. The time is NOW! You must saturate your Soul with messages of wholeness and freedom to realize your beauty as a Divine vessel for Truth to manifest on Earth according to the laws of heaven. The supreme law of heaven is the Law of Grace and is activated by your forgiveness which simply means your willingness to let go of the past and live in the ever present NOW.


A Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Reconditioning Exercise
I learned this exercise from Life Mastery coach, Tony Robbins, a genius in the field of changing habit patterns. It’s a powerful way to erase negative thought forms (like erasing a tape), and recondition your mind to install new, more empowering and productive thoughts. Please note: Richard Bandler and David Grinder are credited with the co-creation of NLP.

FIRST: Stand tall and erect, get in a strong physiological state, and breathe deeply. Move with confidence, get in a state of feeling confident and absolutely unstoppable!


1) Run a negative memory from your life, and watch it like an observer of a movie. This helps you to create leverage as you associate pain with running your movie, so you’ll be motivated to change it.

2) At the end of the movie, stop it, reduce its size and begin running it backward at hyper speed. See everything happening in reverse while simultaneously hearing funny sounds playing, i.e. circus, carnival, or nickelodeon music, anything that makes you smile. Drain color from the entire movie and see it in black and white, as you run it backward, while hearing sounds that makes you smile.

3) Do this repeatedly, over and over, again and again. Run your movie back and forth as fast as you possibly can. See the characters in your movie distorted into silly images, the characters have long Pinocchio noses, and huge Mickey mouse ears, see the images shrink in size, see friendly symbols over your images, i.e. hearts, flowers, rainbows. See everything in black and white, loss of color represents de-animation, draining the images of power. You are effectively interrupting, and distorting negative, fear based thought forms. Now hear a scratching sound on the recording of your story, run it back and forth at hyper speed. You are erasing the negative habitual story from your memory in a way that drains it of its awful, “I’m a victim,” message. By doing this you can never again replay your negative thought form in the same way; it loses its grip and power to tyrannize you. You can no longer be victimized by your negative thought form.

Stand tall and erect, and feel confident and at your absolute best, breathe deeply. Move with confidence, get into a state of feeling absolutely confident and unstoppable! Now anchor, or create a neuro-link to this state of absolute confidence by hearing a sound such as “BOOM!!” You are creating a neuro-association with a sound that will automatically trigger your image of absolute confidence, and feeling your absolute best. When you hear, “BOOM!” you will automatically feel absolutely confident. Practice anchoring your sound with a sound like “BOOM!” Do this repeatedly to effectively anchor a sound with feeling absolutely confident and unstoppable! You are creating a neuro-association with a sound that will automatically give you feelings of pleasure.