Create Your Reality – Personal Development

~ Visualization Strategies ~

Powerful Code Your Subconscious Mind
Will Readily Act Upon

By KG Stiles


Visualization is a creative image or movie (moving image) you shape in your mind. You make a movie of a person, place or an event you play again and again. This makes an impression on the neural pathways of your brain that become stronger with repetition, playing the same movie again and again. You literally create what you repeatedly think about in your imagination.

Your subconscious mind sees things in black and white. Whatever you say to yourself will be taken at face value by your subconscious mind. It doesn’t know when you are kidding around, or if what you’re interpreting as the truth about your reality is in fact the truth.

Many of the things you tell yourself actually have no foundation in truth and instead may sabotage your best efforts. Thinking the same thoughts about yourself creates images in your mind that continually reinforce your thoughts until they become beliefs and habits.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION operates to magnetize life situations that will further reinforce these faulty beliefs and habits of mind like a self fulfilling prophecy.

When you change the way you perceive and interpret what’s happening in your life situation you’ll start asking different questions and start getting entirely different results.

You can and must get control of what vibrational frequencies, in the form of thoughts and emotions, that you’re transmitting to the world in order to start attracting what you want for yourself consistently.


1) The law of Superconscious activity states that “Any thought, plan, goal, or idea you hold continuously in your conscious mind must be brought into reality by your superconscious mind!”

2) FOCUS your emotionalized thoughts upon your intention, or goal. See it, feel it, imagine it as if it has already happened and you are enjoying it NOW!

3) Your Superconscious mind holds the power to manifest anything you FOCUS on CONSISTENTLY. As Jack Canfield says, “You must be consistently persistent.”

4) You must give your Subconscious Mind clear commands in the form of repeated, emotionalized affirmations & visualizations.


Imagine what you Desire with clear detail. Your vividness of detail will convince your Superconscious mind that your goal is happening in the present moment and sends a powerful signal activating your subconscious into immediate action to help you realize your GOAL 24/7. Vividness of detail will also help build your self confidence which is absolutely essential!


1) LAMINATE and display photos or images representing your GOAL in highly visible areas where you will see them often.

2) REGULAR TIME OUT to imagine seeing moving pictures of your goal that engage all of your 5 senses and emotions.

3) CREATE VISION BOARDS or COLLAGE POSTERS that represent the precise details of your Action Plan for achieving your GOAL.

4) PHOTOS of yourself that represent the achievement and experience of your GOAL in the present moment and post them where you will see them frequently.
Examples of photos that represent your current reality:

HEALTH – To enhance your healing response. Surround yourself with images and pictures that represent you as healthy and whole.

SELF ESTEEM – One of the most powerful ways to create a new self image and boost your feelings of self esteem is to have a complete makeover. This helps you to change the way you see yourself immediately. Visit clothing stores, and try on new styles and colors of clothing. Remember to take photos of yourself in the outfits that feel just right for you. Take your time and create a wardrobe that supports your feeling fantastic and empowered to project your authentic highest and best self to the world.

NEW CAR – To manifest a new car, go drive the car you want, and experience all the five sensory details. Have someone take a photo of you sitting in your new car, smiling and waving.

5) DURATION – Short durations of visualizing an image for a minimum of 3-4 seconds per image is sufficient to install and activate the image to work at the level of your subconsciuos mind. Remember to be sure to engage all your five senses. Hear, see, smell, taste and feel what you Desire as if it is happening NOW!

6) INTENSITY – Visualize and emotionalize your images. Excitement and enthusiasm positively charges and unlocks the power of your Superconscious mind to work on your behalf and attract opportunities. You’ll see patterns and key factors emerge to help you move toward your goal.

7) FREQUENCY & REPETITION – Repeatedly see what you want. You must resolve to Persist no matter what! For you to activate your power to manifest anything you desire you must break free of the powerful gravitational force field exerted by your habits of mind. Deeply ingrained habits may require a tremendous build up of FOCUS and INTENTION to reach escape velocity.

8) PRESENT MOMENT REALITY – Emotionalize your moving images using all five senses as if they are happening NOW.

9) AFFIRMATIONS OR MANTRAS (auto-suggestions) will enhance your results. Affirmations focus your clear and positive intent and multiply the affect of your visualizations. Your every thought creates images in your mind that will reinforce positive statements until they come true. Through consistent repetition and action your affirmations become powerful commands to your subconscious mind. You are installing a feeling in yourself of being worthy of success.

Having a concrete experience representing the realization of your goal, and engaging all of your five senses will help you to feel and emotionalize your goal.

Be creative! Allow yourself to play and have fun! The spirit of play naturally relaxes you, generates positive emotions, and makes you a powerful magnet for attracting your desires.

When you believe you can achieve your goal the more clarity of precise detail you will begin to see.

Engage your five senses for realizing your GOAL – See (color and shapes), hear (sounds), smell (scents), taste (flavors) and touch (textures).

EXERCISE: Write down the clear and precise five sensory details about your goal.

Join me for the next article in this series to learn how to create powerful affirmations that will change your life, and your world.