How Imagery and Affirmations Work

How Visualization, Guided Imagery, Affirmations and Mantras Work?

By KG Stiles


We know the amazing results we can experience using Visualization, Guided Imagery, Affirmations and Mantras, but how do they work? All of these methods work through the power of autosuggestion.

New scientific research about the brain’s anatomy and physiology (how it functions) shows that whatever you imagine or picture in your mind as Real in the Present Moment is perceived by your brain as actually happening.

Your brain cannot discern the difference between something imagined and something that is actually happening. This new scientific discovery is at the heart of Quantum Healing.

You have the power to Disrupt Your Learned Patterns of Thinking and Behaving and Install a Whole New Operating System for your subconscious mind. You can install new patterns of thought, ways of thinking about your life, and your behavior which will immediately begin attracting to you entirely new and different outcomes, and experiences in your life.

This method of reprogramming your learned patterns of perception is called Neuro-Associative Reconditioning.

The Neuro-linguistic Reprogramming (NLP) movement has this method for re-conditioning the subconscious mind at the core of its training. Anthony Robbins is a recognized Master of this method of repatterning the brain to get NEW and DESIRED results.

The idea behind neuro-associative reconditioning is: “if you can imagine it as real, you can do it!”

Knowing you can do something in advance helps you to build your self confidence for achieving “actual” results by seeing your desired results in advance, and consistently programming for them.

By rehearsing what you want to succeed at in life over and over again in your mind until it’s so real that your brain begins to believe it you will set yourself up for success!

It’s that SIMPLE!!!

Doing dress rehearsals, replaying your movie again and again, with vividness of detail will reinforce your belief in yourself to get your desired outcomes, and gives you unstoppable self confidence. Star athletes use this method of rehearsing there performance in competition for enhancing their results, and achieving their desired outcomes. For this reason the Vision Board is one of the most powerful success tools as it consistently supports you to do your dress rehearsals.


One key to learning how to change your results is to shift your perception about an event by reversing your perspective about it.

EXERCISE: Look at an event symbolically like you’re looking in a mirror to see what is being reflected about yourself in the situation. What are you telling yourself about what is happening? What part are you playing in the story you are watching? How do you feel about yourself?

Observe the images and interpretations that surface. Think of a repeating issue that surfaces in your life. One that you have a charge, or reaction about that triggers you to feel ‘out of control’ and run incessant mind chatter that is difficult for you to let go of. Write it down! Ask yourself, if what you’re telling yourself about something is, indeed, true? Ask yourself, what else it could mean.

How you frame things to yourself reflects deep feelings you have about yourself. Learning unconditional self love and acceptance are fundamental to your ability to experience success for yourself in life. Spiritual detox, and releasing resistant, learned behaviors that get you undesired results will naturally occur through this process of birthing your highest potential and best Self, the Divine Idea of you.

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