Clove Oil for Toothache – First Aid Treatment

by Certified Aromatherapist KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, NCTMB


CLOVE BUD ( Eugenia caryophyllata ) A deep yellowish brown oil with a spicy pepper aroma Clove Bud is a valuable first-aid oil for use alone or in a blend.

CLOVE OIL is a powerful analgesic and well known for having a numbing effect on the nerves. This makes it an effective emergency treatment for toothache. Try this method of application for relief of toothache.

RELIEVE TOOTHACHE: For Emergency First Aid Care a drop of Clove Oil on a cotton swab can be applied to the tooth, close to the gum lin surrounding the effected tooth for immediate relief.

Clove Bud shares similar antiseptic and anti-microbial qualities as Cinnamon oil and is helpful for treating a broad spectrum of viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Its stimulant properties make it a helpful digestive aid. Clove oil will restore loss of appetite due to illness.

Use Clove as a tonic for strengthening the body and mind, as well as for intestinal parasites and for the prevention and treatment of infections.

Clove is recommended for various respiratory conditions such as asthma, sinus infections and bronchitis and is helpful in blends for rheumatic type pains.

A stimulant Clove enhances memory retention and is good for relieving brain fog, lethargy and depressive states of mind.

CLOVE BUD – Properties, Actions & Effects
Analgesic – pain reliever
Anti-inflammatory – controls, alleviates inflammation
Antifungal – destroys or inhibits growth of fungus
Antimicrobial – an agent that resists or destroys pathogenic microbes
Anti rheumatic – eases rheumatic pain, inflamed muscles and joints
Antiseptic – prevents, halts infection
Digestive – substance that promotes or aids digestion of food
Stimulant – an agent that quickens the body’s physiological functions
Tonic – strengthens and enlivens the whole or specific body parts

CAUTION: Clove oil is known to irritate the skin and mucous membranes and generally not for use in skin except in extremely weak dilutions of less than 1%. Please respect the power inherent in Clove and use with extreme care.

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