Create Your Reality Personal Development Tools

~ Your Blueprint for Success ~

By KG Stiles, Intuitive Mind Body Therapist, Energy Healer

The bottom line is you make decisions from the non-conscious part of your mind and are moved to take action by your emotions. Your emotions always win over logic and your imagination always wins over reality.

Automatic triggers (neuro links or neuro-associative conditioning) representing your memories, habits and beliefs control your perceptions and responses as they filter out anything that your subconscious mind, or soul, is uncomfortable with or doesn’t have a concept for understanding or labeling.

Your subconscious mind drives your instincts and emotions to make passive processing which means you will usually choose the path of least resistance. Therefore automatic triggers operating at the non conscious level rule your life choices. Rather than step outside your established comfort zone you maintain the status quo. You follow entirely predictable patterns that give you an illusion of security and stability.

Your subconscious mind’s programming is imprinted by example and instruction from those around you who serve as primary authority figures at a very early age. You also have encoded information at the cellular level that predisposes you to see and interpret life events from a predetermined perceptual pattern.

This blueprint of encoded information acts as a messenger in your nervous system to set you up for having certain life experiences and following a particular life course even before your birth. Most of your attention is driven by these unconscious programs.

You quite literally relive the lives of your ancestors.

Bottom Line:
If you want different results you must change your unconscious blueprint!

Visualization is the most powerful technique for changing your unconscious blueprint which is made up of your memories, beliefs, and habit patterns. Join me for the next article in this series to learn powerful methods for creating visualizations to change your life, and your world.

What is visualization? Creative images or movies (moving images) you shape in your mind.

The KEYS for unlocking the power of your subconscious mind are outlined for you in the Vision Board Guidebook, a powerful attraction device for creating harmonic wealth, that is based on ancient Feng Shui principles and universal laws. Through designing a Vision Board using Feng Shui principles and universal laws you will consciously engage in a co-creative dance with the universe. Your conscious partnership with the Ba Gua, the Flow, will activate the subtle elemental forces that make up all of life (the 5 elements) to operate on your behalf, and enliven your own intuition to powerfully support your material creations.

You’ll begin creating what you want consciously rather than mis-creating what you don’t want.