Stimulate Your Power of Attraction

Stimulate Your Power of Attraction

By KG Stiles


SIMPLE FORMULA for stimulating your Power of Attraction – RELAX! The more relaxed, open and trusting you are that all things are working together for your benefit and the highest good of all concerned – the more rapidly your Superconscious (Big Mind) will function, working 24/7, to ATTRACT those things you Desire into your Life!

Your Superconscious will solve any obstacles or challenges on the way to your goal and provide you with the learning opportunities you’ll need to accomplish it. Unexpected things, events and synchronicities will occur to help you realize your dreams.

Please note especially when first setting and initiating a goal a storm of events usually results to help stimulate the necessary changes that will move you in the direction needed to reach your goal.

DON’T GO LOOKING for any state of Consciousness other than the one you’re currently in or you will set yourself up for struggle and unconscious resistance. The moment you surrender to how you feel in the present moment is when you will shift into a Relaxed Alpha State of Consciousness. Relaxing and allowing yourself to be okay with whatever is happening immediately puts you in the Divine Flow for your life where you will receive intuitive guidance for taking actions.

FOCUS on the one thing you can do NOW. Whatever that may be! Being consistent in taking daily Action Steps is absolutely essential for achieving your goals. Show up for yourself!

REMEMBER to remain in the Present Moment when you are visualizing and affirming your goals. See your life precisely as you would like it to be, as if it is happening NOW.

Join me for the next article in this series about Neuro-technology: How Visualizations (Imagery) and Affirmations and Mantras (Auto-Suggestions) Work!

The KEYS for unlocking the power of your subconscious mind are outlined for you in the Vision Board Guidebook, a powerful attraction device for creating harmonic wealth, that is based on ancient Feng Shui principles and universal laws. Through designing a Vision Board using Feng Shui principles and universal laws you will consciously engage in a co-creative dance with the universe. Your conscious partnership with the Ba Gua, the Flow, will activate the subtle elemental forces that make up all of life (the 5 elements) to operate on your behalf, and enliven your own intuition to powerfully support your material creations.

You’ll begin creating what you want consciously rather than mis-creating what you don’t want.