How to Write Powerful Affirmations that Work!

Four Strategies to Activate Affirmations in Your Subconscious

By KG Stiles


1) Keep your affirmations brief like seed thoughts you are planting. Short positive declarations of your intent work best. Then water and feed them regularly so they will grow and flourish. Repeat them over and over again throughout your day.

2) The most important times to repeat affirmations is before sleep and on waking.

3) Record your affirmations on a voice recorder, relax into an Alpha state and play them on waking and when going to sleep. Your own voice is the most powerful for programming your subconscious mind as it is most receptive to your own voice.

4) Write out your affirmations in bold letters, laminate and post them in highly visible spots where you will see them frequently.


Through consistent repetition and action your visualizations and affirmations, which are your clear intention and focus, will reprogram your mind. Willpower or force DO NOT work as they precipitate tension and resistance. A relaxed state is optimal for giving your mind a new program that with repetition will become stronger and charged with more energy.

Repetition is your key tool for activating new neuro links and neutralizing past programming. Your subconscious mind literally cannot reject anything impressed upon it. The achievement of goals HAPPENS at the subconscious level.

AFFIRMATIONS TO CANCEL WORRY – “I believe in the perfect outcome of every life situation!” OR “I am enjoying relaxing, letting go and trusting life to provide me with all I need to accomplish my life purpose.”

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Read DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies – Russian DNA Discoveries By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (the science behind why affirmations work!)

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