Aries New Moon Ritual to Create Love & Pleasure

moon01-crescent_moon_public-domainARIES NEW MOON
Wednesday, April 10th
2:35am PT

The best time for your Aries New Moon Ritual to Create Love & Pleasure and setting your intentions is just at the New Moon until it goes void of course at 9:25am PT the same day.

This New Moon is especially potent as it is at the Astrological New Year and conjunct the planetary lovers Mars and Venus. The sacred union of Mars and Venus happens only every couple of years. It is a time of rebirth and renewal of your creative energies to birth new forms of love and pleasure in your life.

The Aries New Moon is Sextile to Jupiter, the planet that expands whatever it touches and bestows blessing and prosperity. Also the Aries New Moon is in a wide conjunction to the planet Uranus (The Awakener) and square to Pluto (The Transformer) which reveals conflict for resolution and negotiating differences.

This is a complex New Moon because of all of its aspects to some of the heavens most powerful movers and shakers. I think the build up to the New Moon will effectively clear you of blockages to realizing a potentially fantastic new beginning for yourself in the area of your life where the Aries New Moon is located.

If you can keep the faith (Jupiter) and attune to your authentic passions and desires (Uruanus and Pluto), and be willing to act on what most attracts and brings you pleasure (Venus and Mars) you can activate a whole new cycle for yourself in this area of you life.

But it will take a little Chutzpah to face some of your almighty dragons that want to frighten you into submission and bend you to their will rather than follow your own true heart’s desire. The secret to realizing the potential of this Aries New Moon is to believe in yourself and trust that you live in a benevolent universe that always has your back.

First you must set the stage by standing up for yourself no matter how the odds may seem stacked against you and follow your heart. Act according to what you know is right for you and you will be supported. You must choose to see yourself as victorious first and then the universe will follow suit and help you realize your dreams.

Perfect resolution(s) may come in extraordinary and unexpected ways. Anyway, that’s how I’m reading the stars right now.

The Aries New Moon is one of THE most excellent times for sowing your seeds of intention for manifesting your true heart’s desires. Refer to my last month’s Pisces New Moon Ritual for general guidelines on how to perform your New Aries Moon Ritual to create love and pleasure in your life HERE

If you know where the New Moon in Aries is located in your astrology chart you can know exactly which area of your life is being most affected. This is where you will experience the most opportunity for new growth and change, and the area most favored for planting your new seeds of intention.

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I’d love to hear about your experience of the Aries New Moon energies and welcome your comments about how this Blog may have helped you.

Enjoy the Magic of creating love and pleasure in your life with the Aries New Moon. Thanks for joining us!



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