angel_publicdomain-raphaelOn October 8th we have the 15º Aries Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse exactly conjunct Uranus at 3:51am PT. You let go of something operating from your past for good. This is a sudden release and ending. The Aries Lunar Eclipse within 4º of the South Node indicates completion of a karmic or repeating pattern or situation that has bound you to the past that is now being released.

You’re awakening to the realization that your outer world mirrors your inner state of being and given opportunities to make adjustments in your habits and routines to create more peace and prosperity.

FIND OUT MORE about the Aries Lunar Eclipse in my ‘September – October 2014 Fall Eclipse Season Forecast’ HERE.

October 8th at 3:51am PT

Moon void of course at 7:20am PT. Full Moon enters Taurus on October 9th at 4:44am PT.

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GIRL_HALOshutterstock_7154011-chrismoledesignCLICK HERE to order: Aries Lunar Eclipse, ‘How to Be Great’ Meditation with Archangel Ariel AND ‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’ Ceremony with Archangel Raphael.

Manifest Your Heaven on Earth Now!

As preparation for your Aries Lunar Eclipse, ‘How to Be Great’ meditation first you’ll release and heal away your attachments & addictions following the simple guidelines for the, ‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’ ceremony.

You’ll call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you with the process.

What prevents you from realizing your heaven on earth is your emotional attachment to habits and addictions. Your habits and addictions keep you chained to your past, so that you keep recreating the same story line and life circumstances.

With the intervention and help of Archangel Raphael you will break your bonds and clear your attachments, so that you are free to move forward in your life.

Releasing your emotional attachments opens you to Increase the flow of good luck and opportunity into your life. After your ceremony and meditation you’ll begin to experience an increase of love, intimacy, beauty, wealth & happiness. Sometimes the change is dramatic.

Depending upon how deeply your emotional attachments you may need to repeat your ‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’ ceremony as needed to ensure continued freedom from previous attachments.

This releasing ritual works for both men and women.

I recommend you perform your releasing and healing ceremony several hours or more before your ‘How to Be Great’ meditation with affirmations.

For the ‘How to Be Great’ Meditation Archangel Ariel will come to assist you? Ariel is the angel that boosts your ‘I can do it’ power and gets you motivated to create fresh new beginnings.

Your ‘How to Be Great’ meditation with affirmations will reprogram your subconscious mind and fill in the open space you’ve created through your releasing ceremony. Nature abhors a vacuum and you will be ripe for new more positive messages to take root and grow!

You may wish to listen to the ‘How to Be Great’ mediation with affirmations daily at betimes and on waking are good times for two to three weeks. Then periodically to reinforce your intentions for realizing your greatness.

Although the Aries Lunar Eclipse is THE perfect time to perform the ‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’ Ceremony and ‘How to Be Great’ Meditation with Affirmations for incredibly powerful results this bundled package of MP3 Audio Podcast and pdf Guide can be used anytime you’re feeling emotional discomfort from attachments, unhealthy habits or addictions, as well as to boost your feelings self worth and ability to achieve greatness!


  • Release unhealthy habits and addictions
  • Put fears and anxieties to rest
  • Release blocks to Self expression
  • Weight loss / management issues
  • Substance abuse
  • End abusive relationship patterns
  • Attract soulmate relationships
  • Increase your personal power
  • Clarity heart, mind and purpose
  • Increase ability to rapidly manifest your desires and intentions
  • Clear your emotional desire body of old toxic emotions
  • Clears your spiritual bodies
  • Open 3rd eye to have clear vision for your future
  • Increase your spiritual powers
  • Open channels between heaven and earth
  • Clear and balance chakras
  • Clears and balances auric field
  • Balance alta major chakras so optimism is dominant
  • Establish harmony and peace
  • Realize your divine potential

A tremendous breakthrough in your consciousness is at hand if you are open to it. This ‘Releasing Emotional Attachment’ ceremony prepares your subconscious mind and your emotional desire body to absorb the ‘How to Be Great’ meditation activation for a tremendous paradigm shift at the deepest level of your being.

You can perform the ‘How to Be Great’ meditation and ‘Releasing Attachments’ ceremony ANYTIME though I especially recommend it from the quarter waxing moon as the moon is reaching full until the quarter waning moon as the moon is waning to new.

CLICK TO ORDER ‘How to Be Great’ meditation with affirmations and ‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’ ceremony MP3 (35:00) and pdf guidebook (6 pages) bundled together $14.95 (50% OFF regular price $29.95). Ends on October 12th.