Oshun River, named after Oshun African goddess

Meditation Ceremony Healing & Purification practice to purify emotional desires.

Increase love, intimacy, beauty, flow of abundance, wealth & diplomacy for both women & men.

I learned this Cleansing Ritual Practice from Omi Tutu and Luisah Teish, Priestess of Oshun, Goddess of Sweet Water.

OSHUN is an African goddess of waterways and rivers. She helps women to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Oshun reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy. Both women and men may call upon Oshun for assistance with their romantic life. Oshun to enhances the flow of abundance in your life.

This is an all purpose ritual practiced in W. Africa, S.A., Caribbean, and the U.S.

On October 18th at 4:38pm PT we have an Aries Lunar Eclipse at 25º Aries. Eclipses bring lasting change to your life and set you firmly on course to fulfill your life purpose.

During the Eclipse Season there’s an elevation in the earth’s frequencies and your nervous system may feel overcharged with electro-magnetic energy.

The Aries Full Moon is ruled by Mars the energy that governs your emotional desire body.

The Aries Penumbral Eclipse activates a Grand Cardinal Cross between the Sun in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer. The Aries Lunar Eclipse will have a tremendous impact for some individuals, as well as for the collective, creating sweeping social change.

The celestial forces are effectively clearing the way for a powerful shift in consciousness that was seeded at the Libra New Moon on October 4th!

A tremendous breakthrough in your consciousness is at hand if you are open to it. This cleansing ritual prepares you emotional desire body for absorbing the activation of oneness consciousness, so that you can experience the paradigm shift that is occurring at this time.

CLICK HERE for more details about the Aries Lunar Eclipse Astrology and a few coaching tools you can use to integrate the energies at this time.

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Aries Lunar Eclipse 4:38pm PT (Moon goes void of course exactly at full moon). Learn about Void of Course Moon HERE.

As the Moon goes Void of Course exactly at the Lunar Eclipse Aries Full Moon I recommend you wait until the Moon has moved into the next sign of Taurus to ground your Purification and Healing Ceremony.

Moon enters sign of Taurus :27am PT on October 19th and goes Void of Course on October 20th at 2:02pm PT. This is your window of opportunity for performing your purification ritual.

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You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Use elemental forces of earth, air, fire and water in different combinations.

What you will need:

Water (Fresh spring or purified)
Gemstone (recommend amethyst)
Herbs (holy basil & sage)
Sound (your voice)
White candle

You may wish to write down any emotions or desires you wish to let go of before performing your ritual.


  • Clear your emotional desire body of old toxic emotions
  • Clears your spiritual bodies
  • Opens 3rd Eye
  • Opens your vision
  • Increase your spiritual powers
  • Open channels between heaven and earth
  • Balance chakras
  • Balances alta major chakras (back of skull/base of neck) so optimism is dominant

white candle shutterstock images chris mole designLight you white candle. The candle flame you see is a reflection of the Divine spark within you. Focus your intention for healing and purification of your emotional desire body.

Start by using smudge (sage) smoke at base of back of neck. The back of the neck is where Eshuni Apako (Trickster) Pessimism is said to hang out. This is the location of the old reptilian brain where fight flight and old reactive habit patterns are triggered.

Aromatherapy Energy Clearing Oils (recommend 10% dilution in carrier oil) and apply at base of neck.

CLICK HERE to learn about some recommended energy clearing oils you can use.


  • In a ceramic or glass bowl filled 2/3s full with fresh spring or purified water.
  • Put your intention for cleansing your emotional body into the amethyst crystal and then place into your bowl of water.
  • Add Holy Basil plant into the water with amethyst crystal. Squeeze juice out of the Holy Basil into water.
  • Charge Oneiro (cleansing water) with your intention by singing and chanting to the Holy Basil plant as you shred it into the water.

ANNOINTING RITUAL with Oneiro cleansing water

Use your left hand and circle around edge of your bowl and cross over all four sides of the bowl. This action serves to call in and integrate the four directions (north, east, south and west) to be actively present in your cleansing water.

Move your fingers in the bowl to set your intention for your water cleansing ritual (e.g. cleanse anger, fear, sadness, attachment, shame, blame, guilt, etc.).

Whatever your emotional burdens may be set your intention to release them. You can affirm, “I now release all of my old emotional burdens and give thanks.”

Then wet your hands with the Oneiro cleansing water and apply to you 3rd eye and over the top of your head and to the base of skull, then across the top of shoulders.

CONCLUDE your ritual cleansing by lying down or reclining in a comfortable chair.

Imagine that your auric field is clear and vibrantly alive.

You may wish to imagine a color in your aura like white light (clarity), blue (peace & calm), green (balance) or violet (purification, spiritual healing).

Envisioning a color in your auric field has the effect of charging your auric field, as well as balancing it.

Breathe deeply and relax as your aura is charged with the color that feels right for you.

If you’ve written down old emotions and desires on a sheet of paper you may wish to release them in a fire of purification; burn the sheet of paper.

Pour left over waters into a flowing stream, or at the base of a tree to symbolically release the old emotions and desires and give thanks.

Did you enjoy this Cleansing & Healing Ritual? I’d love to hear how things go for you.

Until next time…relax and enjoy your life!

Top Photo, Oshun River: Rio_Osun-Osogbo-Sacred-Grove-Alex-Mazzeto-GNU-Free-License-Wiki-2009-72dpi GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version.