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Getting Unstuck…

Key_to_success-A common issue clients come to me with is getting unstuck and moving forward in their life. They may have been stuck and unable to change for years. And… the pain of being stuck is costing them dearly.

Your power to choose is your greatest power. Your ability to decide is what moves you forward in life to create and realize your dreams.

Being stuck deteriorates the quality of your life experience like nothing else and, since we’re all connected, costs everyone dearly at a global level.

We’re all feeling the build up of tension exerted upon us individually, as well as for our society and the culture we live in to grow and change. Most of all it’s your consciousness that is getting the squeeze to shift now.

You are shifting to new positions of authority within yourself and among your friends and associations-at-large. This requires stepping up and being congruent (harmonious within yourself) like never before!

Your world view is shifting beyond recognition at this time.

Ask yourself, “what needs to change for me to thrive in the new world that’s emerging?” The answers, as always, is within you. Though for many there may only a be a cacophony of noise about what you can trust and how best to move forward.

I recommend you stay with the creative tension playing itself out now. Go through the heat of transformation of your consciousness. Trust the life process at work through you to awaken to a new identity and greater consciousness.

Before giving birth to my son Ezra I’d made a firm decision to breastfeed him. I wanted all the benefits I knew breastfeeding would give him such as building a strong immune system, as well as help me to embark on my journey into Motherhood. Also, I believed nursing would allow both of us to experience a deeper feeling of intimacy and bonding, a priceless gift for both of us.

This decision to breastfeed was unique to me and my emerging mothering instincts. It was a choice I made that was right for me.

After giving birth I was tremendously challenged to follow through on my commitment to breastfeed Ezra. My nurse midwife and the La Leche support team of women I worked with through the process were ardent supporters of breast feeding. With their encouragement and guidance I tried everything to bear the discomfort of adjusting to breastfeeding.

To say it was tremendously painful for me to breastfeed is an understatement. I tried everything to adjust and breakthrough the excruciating pain and discomfort associated with breastfeeding from engorged breasts to cracked and bleeding nipples.

The worst agony of all was hearing my son Ezra incessantly crying in an adjacent room to be fed. It was thought that feeding at intervals would give my breasts time to adjust to the on-demand feeding of a newborn. So, I withheld feeding Ezra on-demand despite the anguish it put both of us through.

Finally after two months of ‘trying’ unsuccessfully to adjust to breastfeeding my nurse midwife and members of my La Leche team agreed that I should give up. They encouraged me to get used to the idea that breastfeeding was just not going to work out for me and Ezra. I know they were weary from watching me struggle, being in pain and experiencing such an agonizing journey into my Motherhood from my choice to breastfeed.

I felt their compassion and their good intentions. But, I was determined! My strong commitment to persevere, no matter what, and never give up won the day. There is no failure if you persist; delays and setbacks yes, but NO failure.

I decided to trust my Mother instincts and just go for it. I faced the pain and discomfort of breastfeeding and stopped trying to get around it, delay it, or distract myself from it.

This is the same dilemma I see facing many of my clients. The inability to make a decision, show up fully and get to work. Facing your short term discomfort of growth and change and your fears about failure is a small price to pay for living the life you desire for yourself.

Your showing up consistently builds trust in yourself and the process of change, rather than focusing on the discomfort of change. As you build trust and congruence within yourself you commit to the process of constant never ending improvement and innovation required to live a successful and happy life that you love and can feel passionate about.

Two things I know for sure 1) change is inevitable and 2) growth is not comfortable because it requires you to move outside your comfort zone. The challenge for you and everyone is to step up and manage your change and growth consciously.

We are currently facing tremendous rapid growth and change like never before on an individual and global level.

Look at the incredible change ushered in at the start of the 1900’s with the advent of the industrial revolution. Many countries in the world became completely industrialized in just 100 years. Within that short span of time all the conveniences of modern day life that you take for granted today suddenly appeared. It’s mind boggling!

You’re in that kind of tremendous leap in your own consciousness right now TIMES TEN or more! How are you showing up for yourself? Are you committed to moving forward, using your unique gifts and talents, and realizing your dreams.

Don’t put off realizing your potential and living the life you were born to live one more day. Just do something, even tiny consistent steps will pay off for you!

My breakthrough to comfortably breastfeeding my son Ezra occurred almost immediately after starting to breastfeed on-demand. Within 24 hours all of the discomfort I’d experienced for two months went away. After my initial bumpy start I loved nursing Ezra for an entire year. It was an absolutely blissful and gratifying experience for me and him. Facing my short term discomfort really taught me to trust the life process, as well as to trust my own body’s ability to adjust to the changes and demands being placed upon it.

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Love -KG

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