Are You a Healer? Answer 5 Questions
The Shadow Side of Healing
(Signs & Symptoms)

KGHandsEveryone is born with the gift of healing!

You are born with the natural capacity to heal and have a healing influence on your world and other people in your life!

However not everyone is born with a contract to be a healer.

It is not necessary to have a vocation as healer to have a contract to act as a healer in your life.

Want to find out if you have a contract to be a healer?


The more yes answers you have the more gifts you have to act as a healer in your life.

  1. Do you love to help others and make a difference in people’s lives?
  2. Are you willing to make personal sacrifices to help someone else in need?
  3. Are you afraid of being seen as selfish or ungrateful?
  4. When you see someone with a problem do you automatically want to help them solve it and offer solutions?
  5. Is your first inclination to be compassionate, open and generous with others?

A healer will always choose to live in a way that is healing, no matter what your chosen occupation.

Being a healing influence is the WAY you live your life. This is what marks you as a healer.

A healer enjoys taking on responsibilities of nurturing and caring for others. They care about other people’s happiness and naturally are inclined to help.

A healer is able to recognize, experience and empathize with other’s needs. Your compassionate understanding drives you to respond to those needs immediately without reservation. You are willing to step up and do whatever it takes to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s offering free advice, support, or financial assistance.

The number 2 vibration is strongly activated in your personal numerology profile if you have a contract for healing. 2 is the number of relationship, balance, healing and peace. The 2nd chakra is often imbalanced in the early stages of living out your contract as a healer. Check out my Healing Article: 2nd Chakra Balancing Meditation with Physical, Mental, Emotional Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance.


THE PATH OF HEALING may be fraught with challenges as you learn to navigate your way of healing in life that is healthy and productive for all concerned. It is a path of Self Healing and Self Mastery.

These are the stages of development in most cases though, of course, not all. Ascended masters like Jesus the Christ exemplify the Master Healer at a very young age. This is meant to be a helpful guide. There is no right or wrong way; it’s individual to every one called to the path of healing.


If you’re healing at the first stage you often feel conflict between meeting your own needs and those of others. This can be an agonizing experience as you have a deep fear of being seen as selfish.

At this stage you have a tendency to sacrifice your own personal needs and happiness for the sake of helping someone else in need.

At this stage you are a rescuer. This means you don’t believe that the other has the resources available to help themselves, but can only get help from you. You feel obligated to help and see those in need as victims of their own circumstances.


At this level you are committed to your own personal care as well as others. Fulfilling both responsibilities to yourself and others and navigating between the two for a win-win solution is a source of fulfillment for you.

At this stage you have realized that your own needs and happiness are as important as an others. You begin to selectively use the word “NO.”

Now you begin to set your personal boundaries and limits. You choose to empower others to help themselves and not just automatically do things for them.

When you first embark on this stage as a healer you may experience guilt about putting your own needs in the picture. You may feel that you’re hurting others by choosing to consider your own personal needs and happiness.

However, with practice you come to realize how your believing that others can resolve their life dilemmas for themselves with your support and guidance as needed is a more loving act.

At this stage you realize your higher value and priority as a healer is to teach people how to take care of themselves. You realize that helping people know they can thrive in life is a wonderful healing gift.


Your generosity multiplies through those you help! Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a Master Healer.

At this stage your desire to heal is more encompassing as you’ve awakened to helping at an inclusive level (all of humanity, the earth, environment and animals).

Your relationships expand globally and you consider yourself a friend to all.

You engage in community building and networking with others to create networks that are healing and evolve consciousness about how to live peacefully upon the earth.

You are abundant and prosperous in your mindset and actions. You’re the fully realized and embodied healer!


The shadow side of the healer manifests as co-dependence.

You believe and act as if others can’t survive without you.

There’s mutual guilt-tripping between yourself and others and a constant flow of drama that requires your assistance.

You get your sense of self worth from helping others and are addicted to helping.

You may be a long and suffering martyr.

The archetype of the energy vampire is active within you and devours you and others.

You enable others to continue their dysfunctional behavior, being “addicts” and dependent upon you for assistance. Addicts come in all sizes, shapes and colors. If there is chronic, repetitive, destructive behavior at work that results in pain and suffering there is an active addiction involved.

Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain imageACTIVATE YOUR MASTER HEALER MEDITATION

YOU ARE IN A QUIET PLACE where you will not be disturbed. Sit quietly and still your mind.

Begin to daydream about helping someone else in need. Fantasize that you have unlimited resources available to help anyone who may need it. You travel around the world helping others.

Who do you feel compelled to help and do you have clear insights about how best to help them that will empower them?

Are you able to selectively say “no” with no reservation or sense of guilt in certain circumstances.

How do you care for yourself in your healing ministrations?

Are you mutually loving and kind towards yourself, as well as others?

Do you instinctively include your own needs in the picture?

Feel deeply into your experience of mutual love and caring for yourself and others.

Allow your experience of mutual love and appreciation to be encoded in your genetic make-up as a healer now, so that it will become active to guide you in the future when acting as a healer in your life.


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Hope this article is helpful to you. I’d love your comments! A strong reaction to anything shared indicates a call for inner work and offers an opportunity for your own healing. You may wish to look more deeply to see what may surface for you.

Please like and share with others! Thank you.

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.


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The Shadow Side of Healing
(Signs & Symptoms)
  1. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hello Karen, glad the information was helpful! You need to be registered on the site to access the FREE media content. As I recall you are registered, so just be sure you’re logged in and click on the link for the 2nd chakra balancing meditation and the page should open. If you’re logged in and it says you need to login then you may need to refresh your browser to clear your cache. Sometimes this can be an issue especially for Mozilla Firefox browsers. Please let me know if you need further assistance. Wishing you all the best, Karen!

  2. Karen_Cooke says:

    Interesting blog. In terms of numerology, my full birth name is 11/2. I can certainly relate to the 5 questions indicating that a person might have a contract to be a healer. Thanks for this information!
    I would like to check out your 2nd Chakra balancing meditation, but your site doesn’t allow me access to it. Suggestions?

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