Aquarius New Moon Mediation Ritual
with Archangel Haniel
January 30, 2014

ANGEL-GUARDIAN-PUBLIC-DOMAIN-430px-Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Schutzengel-211º Aquarius New Moon
January 30th 1:38pm PT
Launch New Rocket of Desire

“Just remember, the way you think is the way you feel, and the way you feel is the way you vibrate, and the way you vibrate is the way you attract!” -Lynn Grabhorn, author Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting

The purpose of your Aquarius New Moon Meditation Ritual is to activate a new self concept for yourself. Your self image: the way you see, think and feel about who you are and the life you are worthy of living.

You will launch a new Rocket of Desire for your Self and the Life you were born to live.

This is your NO Turning Back Point. The past has been put to rest behind you, your future is a mystery upon which you can write whatever you desire in the here and now.

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Aquarius New Moon Meditation Ritual

white candle shutterstock images chris mole designWhat you will need:

A white candle
An open and clear heart
Willingness to raise your standards
Clean sheet white paper & writing tool

CALL UPON the Archangel Haniel, the angel of emotional healing, to over light you during your healing ritual. Haniel’s name means Joy or Grace of God. Haniel will help you recover lost self love and reconnect you with your Original Self. Haniel will restore harmony within yourself and help you have beautiful thoughts about yourself and your life. Haniel connects you with the receptive feminine side of your nature (whether a man or woman) and aligns you with the flow of grace in your life.

by Marianne Williamson, author Illuminata

Dear God,

In this moment I recognize that there is within me a perfect Self:
A Self that is not dysfunctional;
A Self that is not weak but strong;
That is not limited, but unlimited;
That is not small, but huge;
That is not in pain but in peace;
That is not faithless and scared but all-knowing, all loving, and serene and calm, through the grace of God.
I have been playing with toys of death and weakness.
I have been playing at dysfunction and limitation and war.
I have been playing at hunger and violation of myself and others.
I have been playing with toys that are dangerous.
But I desire to play the games of death no more.
In this moment, I ask You, dear God, to release me from my destructive thinking.
I take up now the mantle of Your magnificence.
Through Your grace, dear God, I am good and innocent and strong and pure, for thus would You have me be.
The love that emanates from Your mind to me, and from my mind to the minds of others, is a power so great. Within its embrace all negativity shall turn to good, all pain to peace, all fear to love.
I invoke Your light.
I receive Your heaven, which replaces hell.
I do not look back.
I do not stop my eyes at the veil of horror that surrounds the world, but rather I extend my vision to the possibilities for love for myself and others.
I step out of my childhood, into my adulthood; out of my weaknesses, into my strengths; out of my fear into my love, out of my small self, into You.
Dear God, please make me new.

After completing this prayer you’ll feel aligned with your higher perfected self and in an elevated and empowered state of mind and emotion.

Now ask yourself questions about how you see and feel about yourself, your lifestyle and your daily routine and write down your answers in a short paragraph on your clean sheet of white paper:

Here are sample questions:

What is your relationship like with yourself
How do you think and feel about your Self
How do you live
How do you behave
What do you eat
What routine activities do you engage in
What is your relationship like with others (friends, family, intimate companions)
Who are your companions
What is your lifestyle like
What is your occupation
How do you spend your days
What are your gifts
How do you serve and contribute to the world
How are you dressed

After completing your short paragraph check in to see how you will have to change to realize the refined image you have for yourself and the higher standards of living you’ve set for yourself.

Now write down the way you’ll need to change to realize your higher standard in just one area, along with a small action step you’re willing to take that’s achievable.

Your small seemingly insignificant choices that you make everyday make a vast difference in the quality of your self image and life experience. Every moment you can choose to realize the life you were born to live.

You may wish to repeat this prayer daily for a time to immerse yourself in the experience of identification with your higher self, so that it feels very real and tangible for you. This will help inspire and motivate you to take consistent small action steps to realize your Divine potential.

Thanks for joining me!

Please like and share this healing mediation ritual with others.

Until next time…relax and enjoy your life.


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