Aquarius Full Moon Healing Meditation July 22, 2013

archangel-uriel-public-domain-copyright-expiredSunset Births a New Dawn
Healing Ritual with
Archangel Uriel

Aloha and welcome to our healing circle of healing love and light.

On July 22nd we have the Aquarius Full Moon at 0º Aquarius exact at 11:15am PT.

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At the Aquarius Full Moon you celebrate something completely new and innovative being born.

The Sun has just moved into Leo today and with the Aquarius Moon forms a T-square to Saturn the planet that gives structure and stability to your life through limitations and restrictions.

Saturn has been called the Lord of Karma as it brings you trials and tests according to our past actions.

Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your life and teaches you how to create the structures you need to succeed. Saturn can really put the squeeze on you to face reality and get you to change your habits or structured ways of being, so that you can succeed and realize your true desires.

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Today you’ll have an excellent opportunity for a brilliant glimpse of your future. Something completely new and original can be born in your imagination at this time. The energy is magical and alive with creative life force energy. May your healing ritual be a mystical revelation to you.

The best time to perform your Aquarius Full Moon Healing Ritual is on July 22nd at 11:15am PT, the time of the Full Moon, until the Moon goes Void of Course on July 23rd at 7:01am PT

burning white candle surrounded by yellow daisies with blue groundFor this healing ritual you will need a white candle. You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle and focus on the candle flame. The candle’s light is a reflection of the Divine spark of light within you.

Call upon the Archangel Uriel to assist you with your healing ritual.

Uriel’s name means ‘God is light’. Uriel is an Angel of Purest Divine Light and Wisdom. Uriel illumines your mind and gives you visions of your future.

Uriel brings spiritual understanding and helps you to pass your trials and tests in life. Uriel is a custodian of the earth element and helps you to integrate the lessons of Saturn. Saturn rules Capricorn, an earth element sign.

Uriel will assist you to release any past memories, hurts or disappointment that could possibly restrict or block your heart and mind from fully opening to a new vision for yourself and your world.

Now focus at the area of your universal heart (8th chakra), located halfway between your throat and heart.

Begin to breathe deep, full, rhythmic breaths. Allow your diaphragm to expand fully and then exhale fully. With each full inhalation and exhalation you feel yourself relax more deeply.

With each inhalation feel yourself being filled with inspiration. Each breath carries the creative life force energy of the universe. Imagine the cosmic rays of creativity inspiring you at the deepest levels of your being.

Through your light energy body you are connected with all of life. Through your e-motion you are always affecting everyone around you by your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

Feel yourself with Archangel Uriel’s assistance releasing any resistance in your light body and in your emotions.

The natural electro-magenetic forces of the Aquarius full moon will also act to assist you in the process of letting go of any old habit patterns of resistance to the flow of life.

Through performing this healing ritual you are loving and accepting all parts of your self and powerfully activating the Law of Grace to operate more fully in your life.

Through the power of grace you can know the blessing of absolute and unconditional self love and acceptance, and awaken your compassionate heart.

In truth when you love yourself completely you love everything and everyone through all dimensions of time and space. This simple act of loving all parts of yourself both shadow and light releases you from any past entanglements and provides wonderful nourishment for your soul.

Through this healing ritual and embracing the sunset of an old way of life you are empowered to shine with renewed brilliance and give birth to a new dawn for yourself and for your life.

When you are complete with releasing and letting go of any blockage you’ll feel yourself as an empty vessel

You have activated the Law of Grace to flow freely through your life and you are free of previous entanglements.

Ask Uriel to inspire you with new visions for your life.

Feel yourself open, ready and expectant to receive new visions and dreams for your life now and over the coming two weeks to six months.

End your healing ritual by looking into the flame of your white candle and saying aloud:

God/dess and all that is,
Angels, guides, ancestors, teachers, and friends,
I call upon all who love me to witness for me now,
In deep appreciation for my soul’s journey
I acknowledge my unfoldment,
Bless my path as I open
to new visions for my life.
And so it is.

After completing your Full Moon Healing Ritual imagine yourself joined with others in a healing circle of compassion. You are sharing openly and freely with one another as you support each other to realize your dreams.

You may feel inspired to take some action after your healing ritual, if so, listen to your wise heart and take action as guided.

May you be blessed with beautiful dreams. Thanks so much for joining us!

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