Angels in Your Aura
What Are Angels & Purpose of Angels
Archangel Gabriel Christmas Meditation

Archangel_Gabriel._12th_cNoel translated from the French word Noël means Christmas. Its Latin root ‘natalis’ translates as birthday. So, Noel is the First Christmas and represents the birth of the Christ. The Latin root of Christ loosely translates to “anointed one” “the perfected being,” or “Angelic Self.” Another term often used is your “Guardian Angel.”

What are angels?

What purpose do angels serve in creation?

Angels are the Creator’s Divine Ideas. They are the Divine Blueprint of Creation. The Architectural Design, Archetypal Blue Print or Energy Matrix behind all the manifest world.

Angels are the Architects of Creation. Angels carry out the Divine Plan of the Creator.

The Elemental Realm of Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the Builders of Creation. The over lighting Energetic Principles directing the Elemental Real is called the Devic Kingdom of which the Fairy Folk are Members. All of these Angelic Beings of Light work in concert to fulfill the Will of Heaven.

Quite literally the Fairies and Elementals of Fire, Earth, Fire and Water work in your Auric Field to evolve your consciousness and your physical vehicle.

Dr. Rudolph Steiner, a Spiritual Scientist and Clarirvoyant at the turn of the 20th Century was able to see and wrote extensively about the work of the Angels in the Auric field of Humans.

Dr. Steiner saw that humanity would reach a cross roads in evolving individual and collective consciousness during the time period we are currently in now.

Rudolph Steiner encouraged development of your super-sensible (psychic) faculties in order to work consciously with your Guardian Angel and the Angels in your Auric Field to Evolve your Individual Christ Consciousness and the Collective World Soul.

Rudolph Steiner saw this time period we are currently in as a major crossroad and critical for continuing humanity’s evolutionary experiment.

Rudolph was able to see one or more Guardian Angels with each Individual. Your Guardian Angel accompanies you throughout your life helping you to evolve your consciousness.

I will talk more about the the Angels and the Elementals in 2014.

In Chinese Medicine all disease is seen as disordered Elements of fire, earth, metal water and wood (the wood element is comprised of both the earth and fire elements).

The FIVE (5) Element Kit supports the work of the Elementals in your Auric field to Balance the 5 Elements and the Organ Meridians.

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Archangel Gabriel public domain image guardian of KG Stiles websiteArchangel Gabriel Christmas Eve Meditation

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel. It was Gabriel who announced the birth of the Christ child. Gabriel is the Watcher of the West and governs the water element.

Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength.’ Call upon Gabriel when you need help with communications or getting answers and direction in your life. Gabriel is an angel of mercy and helps to calm your emotional waters.

What you will need:

A white candle

You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

A clean sheet of paper.

Write down:

  1. Question you would like answered
  2. Communications issue you would like to resolve
  3. Creative project you’d like assistance with.

Light your white candle and focus on the candle flame. Breathe slowly and deeply. Allow yourself to relax and empty your mind until you feel the stillness that is always present at the center of your heart. Be still in the silence of your heart. Your mind is peaceful, empty and calm.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist you as you focus your awareness (1-3 minutes) on your question, communications issue, or creative project you would help with. Allow your mind to remain peaceful and calm with certainty that there is a perfect resolution that will become apparent to you. Feel expectant and certain.

Give thanks to Archangel Gabriel for assistance in helping you receive the perfect resolution. Then go about your day, or take a soothing hot bath, or retire for the evening.

Continue to feel calm and certain that the perfect resolution will be forthcoming.

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What Are Angels & Purpose of Angels
Archangel Gabriel Christmas Meditation
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