Aloha & Mahalo – Spiritual Meaning


Manna or Spiritual Meaning of these Words

by KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT

Aloha and Mahalo, two of the most sacred words in the Hawaiian language, are the names of the facilities where our operations and aromatherapy pour room are located at Springhill Wellness Center. I use these two words frequently in my correspondence and on my website as a way to affirm my spiritual intent in offering my holistic health care and organic aromatherapy products and services. These two words represent the most cherished values of the Hawaiian culture.

In the traditional Hawaiian culture WORDS or SOUND have Manna or Spiritual Meaning and Power. Aloha and Mahalo are among the most sacred and powerful of all the Hawaiian words. Speaking them is said to have the power to transform and heal your life, as well as protect your life’s journey.

Be mindful when using these sacred and powerful sounds and only speak them when feeling connected to their meaning at your heart center. You must experience their meaning from your place of embodiment and wisdom; remembering that the heart is wise and knows all things. Being genuine in your intent when speaking Aloha and Mahalo politely conveys their meaning through all dimensions beyond time and space and attracts angels, spirit guides and protectors to help you along your path.

Aloha is an invocation and welcomes the Divine Presence within you. It represents your allowing and nurturing a sacred space for Divine awareness. Aloha recognizes a warm and receptive space for greeting and supporting the well-being of another and is like offering a breath of fresh air.

Mahalo is a Divine blessing of gratitude and thanks giving for ALL that is. Breath or Prana, life force energy, is inherent to the spiritual meaning of both Aloha and Mahalo for to speak these two words is to give LIFE.

Both Aloha and Mahalo acknowledge the Divine Spirit that animates and gives LIFE to ALL of Life, through ALL dimensions, beyond space and time.

If you’d like to learn more about the meaning of Aloha and Mahalo and KG’s own personal spiritual connection with Hawaii and the Hawaiian cosmology you might be interested to read her little Amazon kindle book ALOHA & MAHALO – Manna or Spiritual Meaning of These Words.