Allergy Relief – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“My daughter and I have suffered with and taken medications for allergies for years. After just two sessions with KG we are both clear of our allergies and completely off the medications – and it’s been 9 months! She did what she said she could do. It’s pretty amazing.”
~ Chris Henry, Owner, Great Escape Trolley, Talent, OR

“I’d never heard of either KG Stiles, or the Bowen Technique, but I was intrigued by her ads and thought I’d try something new for my persistent sciatica and TMJ. The TMJ resolved completely in one session, and my sciatica steadily improved. Incidental benefits have included relief from chronic tendentious, ‘mouse’ wrist, and a noticeable lessening of seasonal allergy symptoms. I’m not sure how Bowtech works, but I do know that it does. KG Stiles is both an intuitive and proficient healer.”
~ Penny Colvin, Associate Broker, Ashland, OR

“I suffered terribly from allergies with a skin rash that covered my entire body. The constant itching was driving me crazy. I’d tried every allopathic and alternative treatment available with no noticeable relief. When I saw KG I was depressed and unable to sleep. After my first session I slept through the night for the first time in months and my skin cleared considerably. I was no longer depressed, off some of the medication I’d been taking, and my energy was much improved. By the fourth treatment my skin had cleared completely – that was seven months ago. KG and Bowtech are wonderful blessings!”
~ Louise Parks, Cave Junction, OR