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the HMS Logo StampAloha & Welcome to KG Stiles’ Health Mastery Systems & PurePlant Essentials Affiliate Program! Thank you for joining us. With a small amount of effort my affiliate program can provide you with a steady source of income while you sleep.

You will receive your Affiliate Number (AFID) via email along with your User ID and Password.

Please login to your account and familiarize yourself with your Affiliate Program Resources.

When you put your affiliate number in a link to our website the system knows that it is you that referred someone. The sophisticated tracking software will track how many visitors have linked from your site and how many of those have purchased something.

To view how many people have traveled from your site to mine, or to see how many have ordered, go to the website URL below at anytime. Put in your Password and User ID that was emailed to you and you will know immediately how well you’re doing.


Please let me know if your have questions or need further assistance.

Thanks again, for joining my Affiliate Program!

Wishing you all the best for your success,