9th Earth Star Chakra – Purpose & Practice

deepgreenchakrashutterstock_14888113smallNow I’d like to introduce you to an exploration of the meaning and purpose of your 9th Earth Star Chakra.

In this series of blogs about the 9th Chakra you’ll also learn a variety of chakra attunements you can practice for balancing and healing your 9th Earth Star Chakra.

The 9th (Earth Star) Chakra is located about 6 inches beneath your feet. This is the portal that connects you with Gaia, Mother Earth.

The power and gift of the 9th Earth Star Chakra is your soul life purpose.

Whenever you touch Mother Earth you immediately feel renewed in your commitment to fulfilling your life purpose in this earthly incarnation.

Consciousness: Gaia (Earth)

Gift: Life Purpose

Color: Deep Green

The primary function of the 9th (Earth Star) Chakra is the experience of your Soul Life Purpose! This is the transpersonal portal or Chakra into your Soul energy field which directly connects you to Gaia (Mother Earth).

Keywords: Soul life purpose, elemental kingdom, fairy magic, earth spirits, devas, Mother, Feminine asteroids, goddesses, magic, seeds, seasons, growth, nature, natural cycles

Body Parts: Feet, toes, ankles, lower legs, knees

Related physical imbalance include: Sore or tired feet, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps

Related emotional imbalance, stagnation or blockage includes: Ungrounded, depression, loss of purpose, failure to thrive, poverty consciousness

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How do you feel when you walk barefoot upon Mother Earth?

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