For this chakra healing meditaiton you will call upon Archangel Ariel. Ariel protects your instinctual and wild nature to be free and embolden your actions.

Archangel Ariel over lights and protects your 9th Earth Star Chakra. Ariel’s name means “Lion/ess of God.” Ariel governs the elemental and devic kingdoms and oversees and protects the natural world including the plant life, birds, sea creatures and animal life.

A fierce energy emanates from Ariel to protect and defend the wild and natural part of you. When you need courage call upon Archangel Ariel to embolden your actions. Ariel is also associated with elemental magic, creation, prosperity and good fortune.


First call upon Archangel Ariel: “Dear Archangel Ariel I call upon you and give thanks for your assistance with the clearing and balancing of my 9th Earth Star Chakra.”

Now focus your awareness at your 9th Earth Star Chakra, located about 6 inches beneath your feet.

See a Whirling Ball of Deep Green colored light that is pulsing with energy at this energy center. This is your vital life force center and energetic connection to Gaia, Mother Earth.

Mantras & Affirmations: Recite/sing one of the Mantra Affirmations repeatedly, preferably out loud, as you focus your awareness on your 9th Earth Star Chakra.

Remember to inhale and exhale the vibrating rainbow light of prana fully as you focus your awareness on your 9th Earth Star Chakra and recite/sing your mantra meditation.

Mantra Affirmations:

I am flexible and flowing
Life happens for me
I trust the life process

Feel your energetic connection to Mother Earth being clear, vibrantly alive and healthy. This is an excellent practice to do when out of doors in nature, walking barefoot upon the earth.

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What was your experience when practicing the 9th Earth Star Chakra Mantra Affirmations?

Until next time…