9th Earth Star Balancing Yoga Pose & Meditation

9TH Earth Star Balancing Yoga pose and Body Postures. Experience 9th Earth Star Balancing Meditation.



  • Sit upon the earth in a lotus pose is beneficial for clearing and balancing your 9th Earth Star Chakra.

Variants you might try for balancing and clearing your 9th Earth Star chakra include:

  • Sit underneath a large tree with your backside against the trunk of the tree. Your legs can be crossed in a lotus pose, or extended in front of you.
  • Stand upon the earth with your bare feet firmly planted upon the earth. Your knees are slightly bent and soft. You feel relaxed and fully supported.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet upon the earth. Your spine is straight and fully supported.
  • If you do not have access to out of doors, sit in a comfortable chair with your bare feet planted firmly upon the floor, your spine straight and supported.


After assuming the yoga pose or body posture that feels most right for you in which you feel comfortable and fully supported begin to breathe in pranic light (life force energy) and focus your attention at your solar plexus, the area of your diaphragm, just above you navel.

Allow your lungs to fill slowly and completely with air then pause for a moment before exhaling.

Continue breathing in this way for 5-10 minutes, or until you feel your connection to Mother Earth fully restored.

After completing this meditation practice you will feel grounded, alive and a deep sense of well-being. Your solar plexus area should feel soft and relaxed.

This practice is excellent for releasing anxiety, depression, exhaustion and any pent up nervous fluttering sensations and blocked emotions.

Please share your experience(s) when practicing your 9th Earth Star Chakra meditation.

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