Astro Energy Forecast by KG Stiles
Get Empowered April 22-28, 2016

Full Moon public domain image NASAThis is the premier blog broadcast for the Moonscopes Week Ahead Astro Energy Forecast. It’s a brief snapshot overview that will help you focus on the key astrological influences and make the most of the opportunities available for you now to Live Your Genius and Love Your Life.

Though there are always personal planets affecting your day to day like the moon which changes sign every two to three days I will primarily focus on the big picture players and longer term influences coming into play now.

Even though Mars and Pluto stationed retrograde earlier this week I’d like to bring them into this week’s forecast as their retrograde motion picks up speed and their retrograde focus gains intensity.

On April 17th Mars stationed retrograde at 9º Sagittarius until the end of June when it will station direct at 23º Scorpio.

As with all retrogrades it’s time to review and re-vamp this area of your life and with Mars it’s related to your desires and habitual behavior patterns. How you take action is going through a major shift and upgrade.

It’s a maturation process of your ego drive and a great time for focusing your drive for taking action on self improvement, being physically active. Taking action on the inside, refining and editing something you want to share with the world is favored now and when Mars stations direct it’s time to act and put it out into the world.

Mars retrograde can feel very frustrating if you’re wanting external action and making progress to show outside. Action that is intuitively guided is highly favored.

On April 18th Pluto stationed retrograde at 17º Capricorn until the end of September when it stations direct at 15º Capricorn. Pluto is at 17º Capricorn for almost six months in 2016 and 2017 starts with Pluto at 17º Capricorn.

I talked about the importance of Pluto conjunct 17º Capricorn in my last Moonscopes Love Your Life astrology video forecast. The number 17 is the number of infinity and what you do now has longevity, It’s an especially favorable time to create your legacy. Click to watch video blog forecast to find out more.

On April 19th the sun left Aries and entered Taurus helping to ground and stabilize your will and life force essence. There was quite a bit of intensity in the personal sphere that could have been distracting and unsettling throughout the month April with both the Sun and Venus in Aries squaring Pluto and the Moon forming squares and opposition to both Pluto and Uranus at the Lunar Eclipse in March and then the Aries New Moon and when it was transiting recently through the signs of Cancer and Libra.

On April 21st at 10:24pm we had the 2º 31’ Scorpio Full Moon. Now you may experience even more amped up intensity from the Scorpio Full Moon as both of Scorpio’s old and modern day rulers Mars and Pluto recently stationed retrograde.

As Mars and Pluto pick up speed there’s a lot that can come up from the depths that’s been hidden beneath the surface for release. This deep release of patterns you’ve resisted becoming aware of helps you experience greater fulfillment in the area of your life where Scorpio is located in your chart.

The Scorpio Full Moon goes void of course at 2:36pm on April 23rd. The window between the Scorpio Full and Void of Course Moon are perfect for performing a Full Moon Meditation to release old psychological and emotional baggage from your mind.

Click here for Scorpio Full Moon Cutting Cords Ritual to Past Loves (or can be any attachment or repeating mental pattern you want to free yourself from). 

Also, on April 23rd Venus conjunct Uranus at 21º Aries is quincunx the North Node in Virgo. This is a very uncomfortable feeling aspect that can free you from ingrained habits and painful if resisted.

The North Node has been stationed at 21º Virgo since the end of February and is set to move on. Uranus will be at this 21º Aries point until May 7th. A lot is set to shift and change right around then.

I’m always saying this, you always have a choice when an old reactive mental pattern is activated to release it, or you can run after it and charge it up more by engaging and becoming further entangled with the pattern.

Repeating reactive mental patterns are old habitual stories that want to be fed and kept alive. If a mental pattern creates suffering for you then this is a wonderful opportunity to observe it and stop giving it your focus and attention.

What you think about and focus your attention is what you’re telling yourself you believe in. Old emotional baggage, stories and habit patterns you don’t want in your life can’t survive and will become weak and eventually fall away if you simply observe them with neutrally and take your power back.

On April 28th Mercury at 23º 35’ Taurus stations retrograde until May 22 when it stations direct at 14º 22’ Taurus. Mercury represents your lower conscious day to day mind which you use for connecting and communicating whether through verbal communications or by means of connecting like computers, phones, automobiles and other forms of transportation.

There can always be a lot of noise and distraction with Mercury though in Taurus the mental chatter is somewhat slowed down. With it’s station in Taurus Mercury is focused on pleasurable activities, food and forms of nourishment. Things that bring you pleasure are on your mind for review and making changes that will bring greater enjoyment in this area of your life.

The very next day April 29th Venus moves into Taurus and life’s intensity mellows considerably. The intensity of 2016 is going through a major shift. All that’s occurred since last August is about to come more clearly into focus and life will take on a new flavor and texture and feel more rewarding. I’ll talk more about the positive shifts and what’s coming in the near future in my next week’s astro energy forecast.

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Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG

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