June Astrology 2015 Overview &
Sagittarius Full Moon Report
Exciting New Love Awakening!

Full Moon public domain NASAOn today’s show you’ll find out the Key Astrological Trends for June and the astrology of the Sagittarius Moon at 11º 49′ on June 2nd at 9:19 am Pacific.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct the Fixed Wealth Star Antares (Heart of the Scorpion). Antares is a Royal star and the Archangel Uriel the angel of wisdom and watcher of the West is the angel most associated with the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Also the asteroid Athena, the warrior goddess, is stationed in Sagittarius lending you power and support for much of 2015.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is a time of illumination when new adventures, horizons and visions beckon.


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OK let’s look at the June astrology trends and Sagittarius Full Moon. Please let me know in the comments below video how well you can see the chart and if you like the black or white background best.

The month of June is a 6 month the number of Venus and since we’re in the universal year of 8 this energy combines to equal 14, the number of the media and sensationalism. Add 1 + 4 = 5 the number of Mercury, communication, connections and freedom of expression.

On June 2nd we have the powerful breakthrough illuminating Sagittarius Full Moon. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter now stationed in Leo and along with the Sagittarius Full Moon forming a grand trine with Uranus in Aries. This represents sudden expansive good fortune. Your higher mind is electrified and awakened suddenly.

Sudden endings and culminations may happen now for the better, so that you can move along and fulfill your highest ideals and dreams for yourself.

The Sagittarius Full Moon opposes the Sun (which makes for the full moon illumination), Mercury retrograde and Mars. The moon represents your emotional needs opposite the Sun (your will power and life force energy), Mercury your lower conscious rational mind and Mars your ego drive and desire for taking action. These energies are struggling for expression and the pressure helps to illuminate and bring transformation to you and your life situation.

At the same time these luminaries are forming a T-Square with Neptune in Pisces. There’s pressure to transcend former ways of being, thinking, emoting and acting. It’s a time when confusion may arise to help you deepen in your understanding and connecting the dots for what means most to you now. Things can feel ungrounded and illusory.

After Mercury moves direct on June 11th and moves out of its shadow June 27th you’ll feel mentally more certain about your course of action Though this time at the Sagittarius Full Moon is especially potent for accessing your deepest heart wisdom about what you truly desire and want to put your will forces behind to manifest. So pay attention to your dreams and go through any discomfort of ‘not knowing’ and feeling out of control that may surface for your ego.

At the Sagittarius Full Moon Moon Venus is at the last degrees of Cancer helping you release any outstanding karmic love patterns you may have been holding onto. She’s beginning to cusp Leo and trine to Saturn which helps you ground the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon for future developments to come over the next coming six months. A BIG window of time for healing and a change of heart is occurring from now through the fall.

Venus moves into Leo on June 5th and will in Leo for 4 months until October 8th. During this time Venus will reunite with her lover Mars and conjunct with Jupiter. You will re-awaken your passion and heart based personal love energies. Your powers of attraction are being re-ignited during this time.

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Venus’ move into Leo shifts the collective vibe as she will move to conjunct Jupiter indicating a new beginning point for abundance and prosperity to flow into your life. And the pair are trining Uranus the planet of shock, awakening and surprise events in Aries. This spells sudden breakthroughs that bring good fortune and pleasures of the heart!

On June 12th Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces for five months until the 18th of November. Now it’s time to cleanse, clear and detoxify poisons from your system. You’ll review your higher love essence and see how fear may be motivating you to withhold love from yourself or others. Time to release and forgive old hurts that are holding you back from experiencing love more deeply and completely.

On June 14th Saturn re-enters Scorpio for three months until September 17th. It’s time to do some final re-structuring in the area of your life where Saturn is located, as well as reap rewards for your hard work of the previous two plus years.


The June astrological trends and Sagittarius Full Moon illuminates what you love and value most and what you’re willing to put your mind and action behind to support manifestation. The questions to ask and answer for yourself now are: Am I doing what I love? and in a way that I love? If you get a no answer to either of these questions you have some work ahead of you and the summer line up of breakthrough celestial alignments between Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus will certainly help you to sort it all out by this October.

The Ascended Master card that came forward to assist you at this time is Avalokitesvara who is the male energy form of Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Call upon Avalokitesvara to help you consider other people’s point of view when resolving differences of opinion to reach peaceful resolution. It’s time for you to let go of defensiveness in your relationships and armoring yourself against others. Look for the divine within others and forgive past hurts and disappointments.

The card of Alchemy from the Anubis oracle card deck by Nicki Scully jumped out of the deck for you. This card is about Sacred Alchemy and asks you to remember and deepen your relationship with the Five Elements who are helping you at all times to co-create and accomplish your goals.

SABIAN SYMBOL for 12º Sagittarius Full Moon is a flag turns into an eagle; the eagle turns into a chanticleer saluting the dawn. What are some of the meanings that come to mind for you with this symbol? There is alchemical transmutation from one form into another. A flag is a sacred symbol and represent what a family, organization or country stands for, the eagle has courage to fly above and gain perspective and a grand view for the context of a situation to arrive at truth, while a chanticleer is a rooster strutting about often appearing in far fetched stories and fairy tales. The dawn of course represents a new beginning.

There’s a mercurial changeable quality and things keeping changing in appearance. This feels like a combination of both planets Mercury and Neptune which are very active in the month of June. The need to take the broader view seems indicated and to watch out for becoming cocky and thinking you know what things are about simply by their appearance. What are some meanings that come to mind for you. Please write your comments below about what this Sabian symbol means for you?

ANGEL associated with the sign of Sagittarius is RAGUEL. Raguel’s name means ‘Friend of God.’ Raguel is the RELATIONSHIP angel and oversees all the Archangels and Angels and sees to it that all things are working in harmony and Divine right order. Call upon Raguel to help you experience unconditional love in your relationships.

That’s it for the June astrological trends and Sagittarius Full Moon forecast.

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I’ll be back soon with an astrology trends for the Summer Solstice and Gemini New Moon.

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Wishing you success and happiness always.

Until next time relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

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