January – February 2015 Angel & Ascended Masters

archangel-uriel-public-domain-copyright-expiredThe Aquarius New Moon is on January 20th exact at 5:14am PT.  Watch my video about the Angel and Ascended Masters over lighting you during this window of time. As we have two back to back Aquarius new moons, the first on January 20th and the second on February 18th, this is a much longer period of time and carries you through the Virgo full moon on March 5th (Pacific time).

Both Aquarius new moons are pedigree also known as super moons, meaning they are near the earth and thus exerting more magnetic pull on the earth’s tides. Consequently your emotions have more amplitude and force for purification and healing to occur.

The Aquarius New Moon is incredibly well aspected by other celestial bodies, including conjunction with the first degree magnitude wealth star Altair the Eagle.

Check out my Aquarius new moon astrology video for even more information about these Aquarius new moons.

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URIEL is the angel overnighting the sign of Aquarius. Uriel is the archangel of wisdom and ideas and the golden ray. Uriel means “God’s light” or “Fire of God” So Uriel is very much an angel of transmutation and will help you to transmute lower base energies into lighter higher vibrational energies. Uriel will assist you to have golden visions for yourself and the future of humanity and our world at this time. Uriel illumines and brings clarity and helps you to heal from traumatic past events. Uriel is the angel of the north representing wisdom and is the angel of nature, visions and prophecy. Call upon Uriel to help you with your studies, to solve any problems or to pass any tests.


Amaterasu – Message: Come out of the closet.

El Morya – Message: Clear and Shield Your Energy.

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