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Solar Eclipse New Moon Virgo
New Beginning Routines & Health Habits
August 27 – September 2nd, 2016


This Week’s General Astrology Forecast

BEST MONEY DAYS this week are August 27th and 28th when the Moon in Cancer Sextiles Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and the three planets enjoy a brief time of canoodling in Virgo.

The week starts off on a high note as Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are conjoined in Virgo. Then Mercury slams on the brakes and heads in the reverse direction. Taking the kisses and cuddles of Venus with him Mercury methodically rewinds his way back through Virgo from the last degree of 29º. It could be an interesting review period if you are set on wanting to control your schedule and navigate the outer world circumstances of your life with your intellect. Though if you can allow the power of Grace, that is especially powerful and magical right now, to guide you your destiny awaits.

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
August 20th – 26th, 2016
Gemini Quarter Waning Moon


This Week’s Astro Energy Highlights with a Glimpse at September’s Peak Intense Days and the Flavor of Next Year’s Energies Being Birthed Now! 

BEST MONEY DAYS this week are August 22nd and 23rd when the Moon in Taurus trines the Sun entering Virgo, Jupiter conjuncts Mercury in Virgo and the forms a Grand Earth Trine (though loose) between the Moon in Taurus, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.

The end of the week from the Gemini Last Quarter Waning Moon on August 24th to August 27th the skies are full of intense squares and there’s plenty of hard work and holding your tongue as you could feel a little irritated. You may be feeling serious and taking things too personally. Lighten up!

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Aquarius!
August 13 – 19th, 2016

AER AQUARIUS LUNAR ECLIPSE 8-13 TO 19, 2016 BBA81E9F35B14C5390D49F848A984186

Week’s Astro Energy Highlights

The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse releases a confluence of energies that are wild and eccentric. A blend of cosmic forces may surge forcefully within you now. Two of the strongest urges include:

  1. The power of love to transform and heal, along with…
  2. An explosive urge to freely express yourself. 

Power Gemstone: Turquoise is the stone associated with the planet Uranus and thus the zodiac sign of Aquarius. A power gemstone believed to attract good fortune in friendship, love, money and business pursuits turquoise has a calming and balancing effect on the mind and encourages healing, especially of one’s mental attitude.

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Eclipse Season Threshold!
August 6 – 12th, 2016

AER 8-6 TO 12, 2016 SCORPIO 50C14027BC914625A95D6DB63487B3DA

This is a general forecast for the astro-energy trends this week and fairly accurate (around 80%), depending upon how the collective planets are aspecting your own personal chart.

The 18º 32’ Scorpio First Quarter Waxing Moon, exact at 11:21am PT on August 10th clears the way for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse Aquarius Full Moon. Scorpio’s power gemstone is Garnet, a stone of regeneration and protection, resonates with the first chakra giving stability. Said to bring good fortune and success in legal matters garnet brings self confidence and neutralizes effects of past negative actions and mental attitudes. An excellent stone for shamanic journeying use Garnet to connect with your ancient ancestral roots to strengthen them, or make them null and void as needed. 

The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse marks the end of the six month Aquarius Moon Cycle that started February 8th, 2016 when new horizons and distant shores beckoned you. What new ventures did you embark upon then?

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