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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Leo New Moon & Eclipse Season Ahoy!
Introducing Best Money Days
July 30 – August 5th, 2016

Week’s Astro Energy Highlights

This is a general forecast for the astro-energy trends this week and fairly accurate (around 80%), depending upon how the collective planets are aspecting your own personal chart.

Leo’s power gemstone is Gold Topaz. A stone of happiness, forgiveness and true friendship gold topaz’s power lies in its ability to regenerate. Its protective energy resonates with the second chakra bringing regeneration to your sexual energies for creativity and procreation. Said to bring good fortune and success in legal matters gold topaz brings self physical stamina and neutralizes effects of past negative actions and mental attitudes about relationships. Excellent stone for shamanic journeying and connecting with one’s ancient ancestors and, if needed, to make negative ancestral patterns and karmic ties null and void in this and future life times.

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Let Go of What’s Holding You Back
Eclipse Season Ahead!
July 23-29, 2016


LET GO of what’s holding you back from shining your light more completely. The old and comfortable way of doing things may need to be let go of now. A little chaos in your communications this week can lead to a new way of expressing yourself that will be far more fulfilling, as well as rewarding for you. Clear the clutter, clean out your wardrobe and let go of a rich or sweet delight, maybe ice cream? or chocolate? that you’ve become habitually using to provide solace for uncomfortable emotions!


2016 is the year to,“Change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change,” as Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it. There has been such an ongoing flurry of celestial energies constellating back-to-back that you’ve hardly been able to get your bearings before the next wave of transformative energies begin to unfold. It’s been great for developing your intuition and trusting in the flow of life events as there’s no time to think.

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Let Go & Celebrate Your Achievements
Capricorn Manifesting Moon
July 16-22, 2016


Week’s Highlight

There’s a major breakdown and breaking apart of a pattern that’s been operating at the core of your being. Let go to make room for a new level of communication in your relationships.

There can be a sense of loss now as you let go and allow space to open for a new beginning in love and communications that will unfold over the coming months.

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Astro Energy Report by KG Stiles
Fresh New Start Home & Family Roots
July 2 – 8, 2016


On July 4th 12º 54’ we have the Cancer New Moon exact at 4:01am PT. This signifies a Fresh New Start In Your Home, Family Life, Childhood Roots, Self Care & Nurturance Highlighted.

Moonstone is Cancer’s Power Gemstone. It brings passion to your dreams and inspirations. The stone of the Roman goddess Diana the huntress (equal to Artemis the Greek goddess) Moonstone gives power to communicate with nature and animals. Like the moon it reflects what brings revelation and clarity to any situation. Moonstone brings good fortune, enhances your intuition, love life and business affairs. Especially good stone for females during times of transition like puberty and menopause.

Get set to rise above and soar to new heights in the area of your life where the Cancer New Moon is located. Your fourth house may also be strongly affected as the natural placement of Cancer is the fourth house.

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