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blue mandala flower chris mole designGET YOUR YEAR AHEAD FORECAST for your zodiac sign in Vedic astrology, as well as insights for 2016 from other spiritual divination systems, including the I-Ching, Tarot, Runes and Hermetic Qabalism to get a clear overall picture about the year ahead.

Mo always slants his astrology predictions to Western listeners, even though he uses the Vedic system. The system he uses overlaps the signs a bit and he’s found it to be quite accurate.

Be sure to check out the forecast for your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs to get a more complete picture about what’s up for you in your business and life in 2016.

Today on ‘Conversations’ I’m excited to be speaking with Vedic astrologer and Tarot Master Mo Abdelbaki about what’s on the horizon for us in 2016.

Mo is a scholar of esoteric wisdom and has mastered various divination systems and hosts his own weekly radio show and writes a weekly astrology column.

READ Mo’s article about ‘Samhain and the Day of the Dead’ on GaiamTV.com

The upcoming celebration of Samhain (Sow-en) which we celebrate as Halloween marks the beginning of the New Year and the start of winter in the Celtic tradition. It’s the time of year when the veil between the spiritual and material world is thinnest and when we can most easily communicate with our ancestors.

On the show Mo and I talk about ancestors and how we’re nearing completion of the clearing of our ancestral lineage and inherited patterns that we’ve been cleansing intensively since 2012.



Welcome to the show Mo. It’s a pleasure having you with us.

We are on the threshold of a brand new calendar year. Today we’re going to have a chat about 2016 from the perspective of various spiritual systems of divination to get a picture about what’s ahead and how we can make the most of our opportunities in 2016.

Are you up for that?

Maybe we could also take a peak at each of the 12 signs and give some insights about what each sign can expect and how best to navigate the waves of change coming in.

What do you want to start with? The I Ching? Tarot?

What are the key highlights occurring in Vedic astrology? Advice for each sign the same in both Vedic & Western or different?

What are the key highlights occurring in Western astrology? Advice for each sign?

General overview Tarot spread for 2016?

I know you have a deep understanding about Hermetic Qabalism? Do you have any Qabalistic insights for 2016?

Do you have anything to add before we close. (Recap highlights of show with Mo).

That’s it for today’s show. Thanks so much for joining us for this 2016 Forecast with Mo Abdelbaki! Have a beautiful day everyone, a warm Mahalo to you! Wishing you success and happiness always.

Thanks again for joining us, Mo. It’s been a pleasure having you with us!

Until next time relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.


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2 comments on “2016 Forecast with Mo Abdelbaki
  1. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your kind words! I so appreciate your love and support of my show. I’m so glad what I share touches you enough to share it with your astrologer friend. Your sharing is the sincerest form of appreciation! I did just recently change my hair stylist. Thanks so much for your sweetness and generosity, Elizabeth! Love to you…KG

  2. elizabeth says:

    hey kg, just wanted to say that i tuned an astrologer friend of mine into your show in my office the other day, she is very much linked in with the native prophesies and their fulfilment, most wonderful lady. I wanted to show her the people i tuned into, you, rob brezney, jonathan cainer, not much else, not much TIME, but when i brought up your show, for the first time ever i was SHOCKED at your appearance! You look BEAUTIFUL. Someone has given you a makeover! No scarf around your neck, your skin looks wonderful. It’s not really deep and meaningful I suppose, but I so wanted to tell you how lovely you look. I had told my friend about your integrity and kindness and honesty and intelligence and great interest, and mentioned that you were not young, and then you popped up on the screen and you were DAZZLING, and so pretty. Happy for you to look so great KG, I will write about my thoughts and realisations another day. Today is about the show before last and your visual star quality. Love to you,

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