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Nov 25 to Dec 4, 2015
Saturn Square Neptune
Flux & Change

Go with the flow of events this week! Changing tides bring good fortune.

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Astrology. Thanks for joining me for this week’s astrology highlights including the exact Saturn Neptune square on November 26th exact at 4:19am PT.

Today is November 25th, the day of the Gemini Full Moon. It’s an intense period of time we’re in.

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Weekly Astrology Nov 17 – 25, 2015
Gemini Full Moon
Includes Void of Course Moon Phases

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Astrology. Thanks for joining me for this week’s astrology highlights including the 3º Gemini Full Moon on November 25th exact at 2:44pm PT.

Starting with this broadcast I’ll give you the Void of Moon Phases. These are great periods of time for you to breathe out, catch your breath, play catch-up, take a time out and relax, re-group and generally unwind from any stresses that may have been going on in your life.

I’ve posted a world clock time zone converter for you below this video, so you can find out exactly what time things are happening in your part of the world.

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Vlog: How Aromatherapy Works!
Improve Your Memory, Learning, Emotions & Sexuality

More and more research and case studies are being recorded, proving the effectiveness of aromatherapy for therapeutic use.

The increasing respect that aromatherapy commands from the general public, hospitals, and medical centers around the world speaks for itself, as more and more people benefit from this gentle and subtle, yet highly effective therapy.


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Weekly Astrology Highlights
November 10-17th & Scorpio New Moon


Thanks for joining me for this week’s astrology highlights which include the 19º Scorpio New Moon on November 11th exact at 9:47am PT.

The flood gates were opened at the Taurus Full Moon. You’ve probably noticed everything has gotten accelerated. Its like you’ve entered a worm hole and are quickly being transported to another part if the galaxy. World views are rapidly changing.

There’s quite a lot of sextile energy happening between your personal planets which are all direct and up to speed which means there’s lots of opportunity now for you.

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Astrology Insider Business Review 2016
Faye Cossar, Biz Astrologer

faye blue 1 highres

Today I’m excited to be speaking with Faye Cossar, an astrology business consultant and a counseling astrologer and therapist who uses past life regression in her work. I’ve launched a new show, “Being Aware,” and Faye is my first guest! 🙂

On the show we talk about the coming year in 2016 and what the opportunities are available to each of you in business and life.

Faye and I take a deeper look into astrology than you’ll hear from most astrologers and on most astrology shows. Yes, there’s the usual mundane astrology topics, but we go much deeper. Faye even reveals a little system of astrology for accurately seeing the cycle of life you are now in, as well as the cycle of the U.S. in its astrological chart. I think you’ll find this to be an entertaining and enlightening show. Please share with your friends!

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2016 Forecast with Mo Abdelbaki


GET YOUR YEAR AHEAD FORECAST for your zodiac sign in Vedic astrology, as well as insights for 2016 from other spiritual divination systems, including the I-Ching, Tarot, Runes and Hermetic Qabalism to get a clear overall picture about the year ahead.

Mo always slants his astrology predictions to Western listeners, even though he uses the Vedic system. The system he uses overlaps the signs a bit and he’s found it to be quite accurate.

Be sure to check out the forecast for your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs to get a more complete picture about what’s up for you in your business and life in 2016.

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