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Soul Astrology with
Astrologer & Mystic Dr. Jude Currivan

Today I’m excited to be speaking with my friend Dr. Jude Currivan. Jude is a Soul Astrologer and Mystic and works with the higher frequency energies being birthed in the Cosmos.

On the show Jude talks about 1) the planets as spiritual teachers, 2) Saturn’s role in the cosmos, and 3) the meaning and purpose of Saturn’s sojourn through the sign of Sagittarius through December 2017, plus much more about the evolution of consciousness and its relationship to astrology.

Jude holds a PhD in Archaeology, and a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University with a specialty in cosmology and quantum physics and is the author of several books by Hay House, including The 13th Step and The 8th Chakra.

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