2014 Taurus Money & Proserity Forecast

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Taurus Money & Prosperity Forecast
by KG Stiles, Metaphysician & Intuitive Astrologer


Aloha and welcome Taurus to your 2014 Money Forecast. On today’s show you’ll find out the astrology highlights for your money and how to make the most of your financial opportunities and increase the flow of good fortune in your life.

In 2014 you have achieved a certain status and recognition in the world. There’s a sense of completion and rest before moving onto the next station in your life journey. For many of you this is an excellent year for taking a sabbatical or going on a spiritual retreat.

It’s also an excellent year to write and journal. Your ability to communicate is powerful and magnetic this year. There is peace and harmony in your home. All of your emotional and material needs are well taken care of.

To experience prosperity on all levels financial and otherwise you are counsellled to listen and deepen in your intuition. You need to be completely honest with yourself and admit your true feelings about your life circumstances and the people occupying it then make appropriate changes as guided.

Your personal inner spiritual work is highlighted and supported this year. Be a pioneer and open your heart and mind to new adventures on the horizon. Allow yourself to vision new as yet unexplored vistas within your own mind and see what guidance comes to aid you in 2014 to experience the fulfilment you desire on all levels.

You’ve been going through a restructuring of how you present yourself to the world that will near completion this year. You patiently develop a new persona like a precious work of art that will serve you to express your authentic self and increase your financial prospects. 2014 is a year of further refining yourself and how you truly desire to present yourself to the world.

Much unexpressed power begins to surface for you this year. 2014 is also a great year to travel and explore new horizons.

TAURUS: The Angel over lighting you this year is Raziel. Raziel’s name means ‘Secrets of God.’ Raziel helps you understand the mysteries of the universe and helps you with alchemy and powers of manifesting. Call upon Raziel to assist you with opening your spiritual gifts of intuition and to deepen your connection to the spiritual worlds.

Know that you will make the most of your opportunities in 2014! Your affirmation: “I listen to my inner truth.”

This has been a general money and prosperity forecast for all of you with strong Taurean influence in your astrology chart. For a more personal forecast book a private astrology session with me. Wishing you all the best dear, Taurus!

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