2014 New Moon New Year Meditation
Vision Quest with Your Divine Holy Spirit

moon_light-chris-mole-designIn this meditation ritual you will invoke the presence of your Divine Holy Spirit at the center of your being to guide and protect you on a vision quest to mine the depths of your inner being.

With the assistance of your Divine Holy Spirit you will discover any shadow elements that may be undermining the realization of your Divine potential and success in the material world.

BEST TIME to do your meditation ritual is anytime after the Moon enters Capricorn on December 31st at 10:01am PT until it goes void of course on January 2, 2014 at 3:12am PT. Just before you retire in the evening before sleep and dream time would be ideal!


Capricorn New Moon January 1, 2014 exact at 3:14am PT. Moon.

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What you will need:

Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain imageA White Candle

You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle and invoke the presence of your Divine Holy Spirit to come forth and be strongly present in your awareness now.

Get comfortable perhaps recline in your favorite easy chair. Your spine is fully supported.

Inhale softly and gently into your lower abdomen. Release any tension with your exhalation.

Continue your cleansing breath for several cycles of breathing and allow yourself to relax completely.

Let go of any tension as let your Divine Holy Spirit guide and protect you on your vision quest to mine the depths of your being.

Ask yourself, “How do I desire to feel about myself in the depths of my being?”

Allow Divine Holy Spirit to guide you to explore deeply within yourself. You are aligning with the precious vision Divine Holy Spirit has kept safe for you.

Do you feel any blocks to your connecting with this precious vision of yourself and feeling a deep sense of well-being?

Take a full deep breath into any place of resistance you might feel. Continue to breathe into any resistance until you uncover your natural sense of well-being alive within you.

Are there niggling self doubts about your own worthiness to love and be loved?

Continue using your cleansing breath to accept any shadow elements that may surface, embrace them and thank them for assisting you to realize your Divine potential.

Once you mine the depths of your own inner darkness you are free to elevate you consciousness and soar to greater heights of realization. The fear of facing your own inner darkness will no longer hold you prisoner or have power over you.

Allow yourself to explore your inner being more deeply. There are great treasures for you here to explore. Enjoy swimming deeply inside yourself.

Are there any patterns of behavior, judgments, beliefs, or thoughts that arise to prevent you from fully embracing and loving yourself?

Again breathe deeply into any place of resistance you feel that is blocking your fully experiencing a deep sense of ease and well-being.

Does your heart ache with resistance to fully accepting and owning all of yourself, dark and light?

Breathe out and release any resistance to connecting and loving yourself completely.

You are both shadow and light in your potential. To be completely free as a Divine Creator everything must be on the menu of life for you to choose from. The power of choice is yours. It is only when you don’t know your own potential for darkness that it has subversive power over you to sabotage your best efforts.

Owning and accepting your darkness and bringing it to the light allows you to heal (become whole) and realize more of your radiant Self. The power of choice is yours! You can choose which elements within yourself you nourish and grow.

Engaging in the journey of embracing yourself completely both shadow and light allows you to move forward in your soul’s evolution.

Take time to journal about your explorations within the depths of your being. You may wish to write down any visions and feelings that surface and the actions you are to take to realize them.

Give yourself a BIG all embracing hug and affirm from the depths of your inner being, “I love and accept myself completely as I am now and forever.” Then say, “Thank you!”

With your words of “Thank you” you are acknowledging your tremendous courage to become a fully empowered human being willing to stand in your truth and take responsibility for your life choices and their consequences. You’ve embraced your soul’s journey to learn and grow and most all to love and be loved.

Once more breathr these words of complete acceptance into your inner being and feel yourself as the embodiment of complete Self love.

Conclude your meditation ritual by thanking your Divine Holy Spirit for its guidance and protection.

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Until next time…relax and enjoy celebrating your New Year, and the powerful vision you have within yourself that is yours to realize.


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Vision Quest with Your Divine Holy Spirit
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