2014 Leo Money & Prosperity Forecast

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Leo Money & Prosperity Forecast
by KG Stiles, Metaphysician & Intuitive Astrologer


Aloha and welcome Leo to your 2014 Money & Prosperity Forecast. On today’s show you’ll find out the astrology highlights for your money and the flow of prosperity in your life in 2014 and how to make the most of your opportunities and increase the flow of good fortune in your life.

Leo you have been in a process of transformation and healing at very deep levels as you restructure your persona and all the details of your personal life.

In 2014 the way you communicate and connect with others is going through dramatic transformation. You are determined to get to the root of anything that may preventing your success and realization of your Divine potential.

Your home is peaceful though fluid. Your very life essence is going through spiritual renewal and healing.

Creativity and innovation is at an all time high for you. There’s potential for sudden unexpected gains on previous investments of your time and energy.
In 2014 you could meet very inspirational mentors who help you to make dramatic changes for the better in your life.

Your work is more in the background during the first part of 2014 though dramatic shifts may occur within yourself which are reflected in your outer world. Repetitive patterns that have undermined your success in the past are being resolved now.

Your reputation and standing in the world is about to explode in 2014, especially after July and into the fall of 2014 and beyond.

Your lower egoic mind is being spiritualized and you are set for an increase in your material circumstances beginning in 2014 and increasing over the coming years.

The caution for you is to watch that you don’t over reach. Continue to surrender your little will to your higher power for direction in all of your daily affairs. You are further counselled to share your increased wealth and prosperity with those less fortunate so that it will multiply and be maintained into your future. Otherwise you could waste your gains and have a reversal of your good fortune.

You are encouraged to practice seeing the other person’s point of view and let go of any defensiveness in your relationships and to forgive past hurts. You now have the opportunity to start fresh.

LEO: The Angel over lighting you this year is Ariel whose name means ‘Lion or lioness of God.’ How perfect is that for you, dear Leo. The lion is the symbol of your zodiac sign and represents the courage to stand up for your beliefs and shine your light. Call upon Ariel to open your sensitivity to honor your own feelings and to protect the instinctual side of your nature. Ariel will also increase your abundance and good luck.

Your affirmation: “I love and appreciate myself and others.”

This has been a general money and prosperity forecast for all of you with strong Leo influence in your astrology chart. Wishing you all the best dear Leo!

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