2014 Aquarius Money & Prosperity Forecast

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Aquarius Money & Prosperity Forecast
by KG Stiles, Metaphysician & Intuitive Astrologer


Aloha and welcome Aquarius to your 2014 Money & Prosperity Forecast. On today’s show you’ll find out the astrology highlights for your money and the flow of prosperity in your life in 2014 and how to make the most of your opportunities and increase the flow of good fortune in your life.

In 2014 Aquarius luck is on your side. If you’ve been experiencing a downturn in your economic situation now your fortunes will begin to change.

In 2014 your ability to be precise coupled with your natural brilliance and passionate character meet with renewal and success. You especially find support in the field of the arts of all kinds.

Your vivid imagination and sharp analytical skills are well honed this year and your personal qualities for being exacting and disciplined in your work will help you achieves remarkable success and fame in areas that involve technology and the arts.

In 2014 your calm, generous, and caring character endowed with great artistic gifts meet with appreciation and recognition. Success and universal fame are achieved through artistic disciplines.

Your jovial circle of friends, networks and associates expands in 2014 and is a source of good fortune for you.

You are focused on developing your communications and ability to connect with others. Publishing and the internet are favored.

You are driven to improve your personal financial situation and work diligently to bring balance and harmony into the close relationships you value.

You could have sudden unexpected revenues come from outside sources. However, you are not relying on outside sources for your wealth and prosperity in 2014, but take responsibility for bringing balance and harmony to your personal finances and you will be successful.

You can now have some good returns on your previous investments. Romance, creativity and having fun are all favored to improve in 2014 as you’re willing to do the work of regenerating areas of your life that have grown stagnant.

AQUARIUS: You are over lighted by the Angel Jeremial this year. Jeremial’s name means ‘Mercy of God.’ Jeremial will help you review and take inventory of your life to make changes and heal any imbalances.

Your affirmation for 2014 is: “I can do it!”

This has been a general money and prosperity forecast for all of you with strong Aquarian influence in your astrology chart. Wishing you all the best dear Aquarius!

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