2013 The Year of Being True

2013 is the year of being true to yourself and expressing who you REALLY are and your true desires authentically. The planets are supporting you to go for it! Don’t hold back. Be willing to show up 100% and you will be immensely rewarded. Though your choices may not feel like easy ones; they will always feel like the RIGHT ones for you. A feeling of relief always follows when making the right choice for yourself.

I will be posting a short video about the key astrological events occurring this year in the next week to give you a general overview of the celestial forces operating through this year. Going with the flow of these tremendous and powerful forces at work gives you great advantage. You can enjoy and make the most of your life circumstances, rather than fight against the current.

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POWER THOUGHT FOR 2013 – Forgiveness


Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Mario Martinez about how our cultural beliefs affect health and longevity. Mario is the founder of Bio-cognitive Science, a new science that identifies how our beliefs affect our immune, nervous and endocrine systems. He is the author of the audio program The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Bodywhich explores the dynamic relationship between our thoughts, body and cultural history, as well as how you can use this paradigm of understanding to heal. Mario has identified three cultural wounds prevalent throughout the world, the wounds of abandonment, betrayal and shame, as well as you can heal each of these three archetypal wounds.

How the Mind Wounds & Heals the Body, a segment of my conversation with Mario Martinez.

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Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!


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