The myth of the Warrior shows you haw to overcome human frailty, fears, frustrations and indecision through inner courage.

The Warrior Motto: “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed on my quest!” Are you?

Shift to a ‘New You Instantly’ Inner Warrior Meditation (see below)!

Warrior heroes are willing to face great challenges and overcome inner and outer obstacles to succeed in their calling.

To struggle against frustrating and often fearful circumstances for a fair and balanced outcome is at the heart of the Warrior’s quest.

As your Inner Warrior matures the “way” you go about achieving a fair and balanced outcome changes greatly.

Arguments, brute force and warring with others, life and yourself that are common place in the early stages of an evolving Warrior on the quest for fairness and justice against all odds gives way to equanimity and more diplomatic means.

The sign of Libra with its symbol of the balanced scales ruled by Venus, the planet of love, most typifies the energy of the Warrior to prevail and be victorious over injustice.

Serving the common good is often a desire and goal of the mature Warrior.

As your inner Warrior matures you’re able to discern when and how to be diplomatic and discover win-win solutions for all concerned.

Your heart opens to seeing from the other person’s point of view; seeing what’s important to them and what they want.

The mature Warrior who has overcome their own inner demons and struggles for justice within themselves and with others has given up the need to criticize, judge or complain. There’s no need for violence and communications is open, transparent and honest without defensiveness or bravado.

At this stage you’re no longer defended against life as you know that life loves and supports you and everyone else unconditionally. You’re awakened to genuinely care deeply about others and their needs and interests.

With Mars, the Warrior planet and symbol of the ego, now retrograde in Libra, you are given an excellent opportunity to review the ways you are defended against others or yourself. People in your world are messengers for the kinds of inner world dramas and self-fulfilling stories you’re acting out in life.

Mars retrograde in Libra assists you in making these inner discoveries about how you’re defended against your own inner demons (negative stories).

Your greatest fears and frustrations surface during Mars retrograde in Libra for airing and healing, so that you are free and able to transcend your old circumstances and create the dreams you have for yourself.

Mars retrograde in Libra is conjunct the North Node (the focus of your destiny) and in a square dance with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Meaning life is aligning perfectly to help you excavate your inner dungeons and bring light into the deepest recesses of your heart, mind and soul for breakthrough and healing to occur. This is happening at an individual, as well as collective level.

Archangel Michael is a wonderful companion and valiant aid on your quest for overcoming your own inner enemy stories and helps you cut your cords of attachment and entanglement with repetitive themes and stories that weave through your life.

Shift your story for a ‘New You Instantly’ with the Inner Warrior Meditation!

Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain imageACTIVATE YOUR INNER WARRIOR MEDITATION

YOU ARE IN A QUIET PLACE where you will not be disturbed. Sit quietly and still your mind.

Focus your awareness at the area of your 3rd (solar plexus) chakra. This is the seat of ego consciousness and an area often in need of healing. The ego’s natural healthy development is disrupted when there is excessive criticism and judgment. You begin telling yourself the story that “life isn’t fair, you aren’t worthy of love and support, etc.” And, then you go about confirming this story (the negative meaning you gave to events) your entire life. This meditation will help you heal from such stories if you have them.

Invite Archangel Michael to come and be with you if you like.

Think of one person whom you ardently admire and value as a mentor /role model in your life. They can be living or dead.

Begin to daydream about meeting this person. When you meet one another it is like meeting an old friend. You embrace and begin a lively catch-up conversation about what you’ve both been doing.

Notice where you are and your surroundings. Really feel into your experience as if it is REALLY happening, right now!

Your mentor / role model is as much interested in what you’ve been up to since last you connected as you are interested in them.

Enjoy having a wonderful time of sharing with your mentor / role model. You smile and laugh easily discussing what’s most important to both of you.

Notice how you feel in your body, mind and emotions when you’re with your mentor / role model. Feel how relaxed and easy the exchange is between the two of you.

Allow your congenial experience of mutual love and admiration to be encoded in your genetic make-up as a Warrior now with an especial laser like focus upon the area of your 3rd (solar plexus) chakra.

Call upon your Inner Warrior when you need protection and guidance in the future, or whenever you need to act with courage and confidence to fulfill your life calling.

Repeat this meditation as needed to heal and strengthen of your Inner Warrior.


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COVER IMAGE: First Century Statue of Mars. PhotographerJean-Pol GRANDMONT (2011) Wikipedia Creative Commons License