Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
Astrology Forecast For Each Zodiac Sign
December 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014
Venus Enters Aquarius March 5, 2014

VenusHubbleUltraviolet-2This is a general astrology forecast for Venus Retrograde in Capricorn for each zodiac sign.

I’ll be posting an astrology forecast very soon for the Gemini Full Moon on December 17th which will include Mars influence over the next eight months during its transit of Libra. I’ll also talk about the Cardinal Grand Cross that forms at the end of December.

For your most personal forecast read your Ascendant Sign (how things will look in your life). For additional insights about what gifts Venus Retrograde has for you spiritually, professionally and emotionally check your Sun, MC and Moon Sign (if you know them).

CLICK HERE FOR the Venus in Capricorn General Forecast for Love, Money & Business Affairs.

Venus Retrograde 28º Capricorn
December 21st @1:53pm PT

Now for a general forecast for each zodiac sign for Venus Retrograde in Capricorn starting with Sagittarius.

SAGITTARIUS – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you increased Self Worth and Self Valuing. Your personal finances and savings are likely to increase now. It will be easier than usual for you to focus on the practical plans for creating success in your life. You’ll value and appreciate going over the finer details necessary for your success and be less scattered with your mental energies. When Venus Stations Direct you may acquire new possessions, property, or something that adds to your personal net worth or enjoyment of life.

CAPRICORN – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings a change in the way you present yourself to the world. Others will see the softer side of you now. Your manners and people skills improve. You’re more easily able to be in rapport with others and enjoy being more win-win in your attitude. You’re able to be more empathic and appreciate and value other people’s feelings. When Venus Stations Direct you have a renewed sense of appreciation from others. Your manner and way of presenting yourself looks and feels different. Your popularity with friends and family members increases.

AQUARIUS – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you a time to review your beliefs and come to appreciate your deepest longings. You’ll reassess where you’ve put your personal love energies. And of all the zodiac signs now is your opportunity for a major time out to get right within your own heart and mind about your past, including your ancestral karmic ties and inherited conditions. Venus Retrograde in Aquarius is a time to deepen in your own Self Love and Acceptance and to be true to your own heart about what’s right for you. It’s a time to heal your past and any inherited conditions and to release them. When Venus Stations Direct you feel connected to your own deepest emotions about what’s right for you and can move forward into your future renewed and cleared of former restrictions in your heart and mind.

PISCES – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn has you connecting in associations with others for the common good. A former friendship or association may be renewed or revived now. This is a great time for connecting and networking with others from your past or re-committing in you associations. Your mental energy is very good now and your emotional life continues to settle down for you. You may get a handle on how your thinking has been creating havoc in your emotional life. Your mind is generally more peaceful now. When Venus Stations Direct you’ll feel more grounded with a renewed sense of purpose and connection with your world than you have in a long time.

ARIES – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you the return or renewal of love and interest in following through on your plans and goals that affect your professional standing in the world. Work on what seemed lost or spoiled can be done now. Your former reputation gets a boost. There is a general feeling of renewal and re-commitment. You enjoy a sense that you can make progress on your plans for achievement in the world. There’s a resurgence and forward movement at first within yourself and then when Venus Stations Direct the end of January there is visible progress taking form and shape in your world in February and into the spring and early summer.

TAURUS – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings a feeling of expansion and renewed inspiration. You may feel inspired to complete a project. Or you may return to a former foreign or distant land that you love. You feel very inspired now and have a renewed commitment for things that you love and bring you pleasure Now would be a great time to re-start a program of affirmative prayer, complete your training in a vocation or an educational degree. When Venus Stations Direct you may soon after receive a diploma or some award or recognition or achievement.

GEMINI – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you renewal of your love interest and potential for deepening intimacy. You could re-new your marriage vows or an old love could return. It’s a wonderful time for deepening love. You may decide to go back into therapy. It’s an excellent time for psychological and emotional healing. It’s also a great time for the return of the flow of money from others and inheritance of property or possessions. Blockage to the flow of intimacy from others (including money and things you value receiving from others) can be released now, so that you can receive at a more expanded and greater level. Much of the blockage to the flow of abundance from others you may discover has to do with your own feelings of self worth and deserving to receive. When Venus Stations Direct you experience an increased flow of all good things from others at a new expanded level.

CANCER – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you the return of relationships and partnerships from your past. Your relationships with others can improve now. You may renew an old business relationship. Sometimes the return of someone from your past may be an opportunity to release an old grievance and forgive someone from your past so that healing may occur and you are free for new love relationships and partnerships to come into your life around Valentines or in the Springtime after Venus Stations Direct. Be open to renewed harmony in your all of your relationships.

LEO – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you renewed pleasure in your day to day life. Your health and work habits are set to improve. There’s opportunity for a more pleasant work life and getting along with your co-workers. Or if you’re the boss or self employed your employees and customers. You connect more with what brings you pleasure and are willing to let go of what isn’t bringing you enjoyment. You find pleasure in doing the necessary work, so that things go better in the day to day operations of your work or your health habits. You’ll enjoy an improved working environment, better customer relations and improved health when Venus Stations Direct.

VIRGO – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you renewed creativity, love and romance. An old flame from your past may return. You’ll either renew your commitment, or find resolution and completion so you can move on. It’s an excellent time to review your investments and how you’re investing your time and money, so that when Venus Stations Direct you’ll experience better returns on your investments, especially since Mars the planet of energy and action is transiting your house of Money and Personal Possessions. I’ll talk more about Mars Retrograde influence for you in the Gemini Full Moon Horoscope Reading I’ll post soon.

LIBRA – Venus Retrograde in Capricorn brings you renewed love and appreciation for yourself, your creature comforts, home and family. You enjoy spending time in your home and with close friends and family now. It’s an excellent time to renew your commitment to your own happiness and taking good care of yourself. You’ll feel very passionate about private matters. Some sort of renewed self improvement program would be good now. This is your time to do the energetic foundational work necessary in preparation for a wonderful romance that could blossom this spring when Venus moves into Aquarius. There’s a real sense of renewal possible for you in 2014 that starts during Venus Retrograde.

SCORPIO – Venus Retrograde brings you renewal in your communications and networking with others. You may complete writing projects and enjoy expressing your deeper emotions. You connect more with your inner self talk and are able to shift your mind chatter so that it’s more loving and supportive. Your local world and environment consequently becomes more pleasant and supportive. If something is not pleasurable to you in your environment it may surface now for release or be changed so that it’s more agreeable to you. You learn how to harmonize well with your environment now, including your siblings and close family members. You take responsibility and enjoy getting along with everyone now. Harmony within yourself, with others and your environment are a high priority for you. When Venus Stations Direct you’ll begin to fully enjoy the rewards of having taken time to beautify your own mind with the arrival of new love relationships in your life.

Well that’s it for this astrology forecast report. I’ll also be posting a Horoscope video with astrology highlights for 2014 very soon.

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