Moonscopes Astrology Highlights Sept 19 – Oct 4, 2013

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Forecast starts with Pisces Full Moon on September 19th and concludes with the Libra New Moon October 4th.

Astro Highlights include a Pisces Full Moon KEYWORDS: Destined Union. As well as Pluto’s Station Direct, Dynamic Cardinal Grand Crosses involving Sun (Libra), Pluto (Capricorn), Uranus (Aries), Jupiter/Black Lilith (Cancer), a Lover’s Quarrel between Venus and her Cosmic Lover Mars.

A Cardinal Grand Cross leading up to the Pisces Full Moon has been driving you to an opening and breakthrough of something that has held you back. Things that don’t work have fallen away and now the

Pisces Full Moon is bringing this transformative and healing container of love that has a feeling of destiny about it.

On September 20th the day after the Pisces Full Moon Pluto stations Direct after five months of being retrograde. Look where Pluto is located in your chart to see what may have been stalled and is now set for sudden forward movement.

If you’ve felt like the brake has been on and you just couldn’t make progress in some area of you life then you could now feel a complete release and ability to move ahead.

Pluto’s station Direct will have a powerful influence on what transpires at the Pisces Full Moon as I said it is sextile to Saturn, Venus and the North Node in Scorpio, as well as trine to the Full Moon, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.

It’s time to celebrate something extraordinary coming into form on a collective global level, as well as for individuals who have personal planets in alignment with the aspects I’ve shared.

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