Pisces Full Moon Astrology Destined Union Sept 19, 2013

astrological_sign_pisces_public-domainPisces Full Moon 26º
September 19, 4:13am PT

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Make the most of your opportunities at the Pisces Harvest Full Moon 26º on September 19th at 4:13am PT. We have a stellar astrological line-up for you. It’s juicy and it’s relevant for you!

Pisces is a water element sign and intensely emotional. Boundaries are diffuse, open and expansive at this time. Pisces can be emotionally gushy and sponge like in absorbing the emotions of others and its environment.

We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart, so you will experience feeling more psychic and emotionally sensitive at the time of the Pisces Full Moon.

Those with a Pisces Sun, Moon, MC or ASC will experience the influence of the Pisces moon most strongly.

A Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon. Those with a Leo Sun, Moon or ASC or a Cancer Moon, Sun or ASC always experience the Full and New Moon strongly, as Leo’s ruler is the Sun and Cancer’s ruler is the Moon.

The Full Moon brings illumination of something that has been dark or hidden in some way.

Now there is clarity when resolution and completion can occur. So, the Pisces Full Moon is a time of letting go and releasing what has served its purpose and is no longer needed.

Enjoy the renewal that comes from releasing old burdens

The Full Moon is also a time of celebration. Now you may experience great joy as you fulfill a goal or realize a long awaited dream.

The Pisces Harvest Full Moon is affected by the astrological aspects it is making at the time of the Full Moon. If the Full Moon is in close aspect to one of your personal planets you will feel and see it manifest in some form in your life.

The Pisces Harvest Full Moon at 28º is trine to Jupiter at 17 º Cancer. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expands whatever it touches. The trine is a little wide however, because of the nature of both Jupiter and Pisces, I think this trine will strongly influence the Pisces Full Moon increasing its positive influence.

Venus (your personal love interests) is conjunct Saturn (the planet that gives form and structure) and the North Node (point of destiny) at 9º Scorpio. The Saturn, Venus and North Node conjunction makes a trine to Neptune (the planet of idealized love and spirituality) at 3º Pisces.

So during the time of the Pisces Harvest Full Moon there is a Grand Water trine involving the Full Harvest Moon, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn, Venus and the North Node in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer.

This represents an abundance of free flowing emotional energy coming into a container of love represented by Saturn conjunct Venus.

Venus and Saturn in passionate Scorpio at 9º are sextile to Pluto at 9º Capricorn. Pluto brings you opportunity and gives power and depth of connection to the union of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. This is a lasting and true union that transforms and heals.

Mercury (representing your lower mind and habitual way of thinking and connecting with others) at 17º Libra is square to Jupiter (the planet representing your higher mind that expands whatever it touches) now at 17º Cancer. The outcome of this square will be an ascension of your worldly mind and the way you think that is more inclusive, fair, balanced and just.

Squares represent pressure and conflict. The tension resulting from Mercury’s square to Jupiter triggers a breakthrough that will restore harmony and balance.

The Cardinal Grand Cross involving Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto that has been strongly active since the 12th is now moving out of phase. The power and force of this Cardinal Grand Cross increases the impact of the Pisces Full Moon.

I liken the pressure that builds to a crescendo between your higher and lower minds like the birthing process when the pangs of resistance give way to the birth of a new baby, or in Mercury’s case a new way of thinking.

Excessive mind chatter could precede this breakthrough.

On September 20th the day after the Pisces Full Moon Pluto stations Direct after five months of being retrograde. Look where Pluto is located in your chart to see what may have been stalled and is now set for sudden forward movement. If you’ve felt like the brake has been on and you just couldn’t make progress in some area of you life then you could now feel a complete release and ability to move ahead.

Pluto station Direct will have a powerful influence on what transpires at the Pisces Full Moon as it is sextile to Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, as well as trine to Neptune in Pisces.

It’s time to celebrate something extraordinary coming into form on a collective global level, as well as for individuals who have personal planets in alignment with the aspects I’ve shared.

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Was this article helpful to you? Please let me know how things are going for you.

Enjoy the power and magic of the Pisces Harvest Full Moon!


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